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LifeWayonline offers church, staff special Internet rate

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (BP)–LifeWayonline, a filtered Internet service provider launched Dec. 1, 1999, began offering a discounted program for churches, including paid church staff, on April 3.

Begun in partnership with Rated-G Online, an established Internet service provider with the latest-generation filtering system, the service filters out more than 20 categories of offensive material including pornography, alcohol and drug use, gambling, weapons and bomb making, violence, hate/discrimination, profane language and various chat sites.

The church program includes filtered Internet access for $15.95 per month, a discounted rate from the full standard price of $19.95. Other features of the church program include:

— educational and promotional materials related to Internet safety, including videos, brochures and bulletin inserts.

— free downloadable resources, including a PowerPoint presentation, sermon and lesson materials related to the Internet.

— text and graphics for church communications materials and websites.

— resource lists.

— free space to host a church’s website.

— up to 10 free e-mail accounts for church staff to use at the church and at their homes.

Gary McClure, manager of LifeWayonline, said the LifeWay service is “striving to make it as easy as possible for church leaders to communicate the increasing compromise of our families from unprotected Internet access. Educational materials, ministry kits, promotional items, on-site presentations, as well as the discounted service are tools we believe will be extremely effective.

“Research reveals Internet abuse is rising at an alarming rate, even within our church families,” McClure continued. “Our service can be an additional resource to pastors and Christian counselors who deal frequently with this problem.

“While LifeWayonline equips churches and individuals with the highest-rated filtering technology available, we realize it is much more than a technology issue,” McClure said. “It is an issue of character. If we can help block temptations before they arise, we also help persons sustain strong moral character.”

LifeWayonline includes features for adults, teenagers and children. The “Kidz Only” section of LifeWayonline includes a Learning Center, Children’s Bible Hour, games, activities and a Kids Club. The “Teen Seen” section includes magazines, electronic cards, games, a teen poll, music, homework help, teen news, chat and forums. For the family, special-interest information is provided for age groups from babies to seniors. Help is offered on parenting, finances, family life, health and numerous other topics.

Other sections of LifeWayonline include Baptist Press, news service of the Southern Baptist Convention, and other news sources; entertainment; weather; travel; sports; computing; education; and business. Links to many popular sites are offered, while filtering will assure that content delivered from the sites is family friendly.

Church accounts may be opened at info.lifewayonline.com, where a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) is posted to help church staff persons with detailed information, or by calling 1-888-454-5965.

Editors’ Note: The correct style of LifeWayonline in publications is one word with the “L” and “W” capped in LifeWay and online in bold italic.

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