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Managing stress easy as ‘ABC,’ Yessick says

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (BP)–In today’s fast-paced society, confronting stress and the potential for burnout is an everyday fact of life. Pastors, ministers and their families are no exception, each facing the pressures and burdens of life unique to their work and ministry.
This dilemma “should not be ignored,” Tommy Yessick, a wellness specialist with LifeWay Christian Resources’ LeaderCare told a group of Arkansas Baptists attending the recent “Strength Under Stress” conference in Little Rock.
Noting throughout the Bible, “God informs us to be of good health and to love him with all of our body, soul and mind, ” he emphasized individuals should take measures to keep physically, mentally and spiritually fit.
An important aspect in achieving this goal, he said, is learning to manage and control “stressors that we all face,” adding that “it’s as simple as ‘ABC.'”
Yessick offered the following “ABC’s” of coping with stress:
— A: Alter (remove the source), avoid (remove yourself) and accept (equip yourself).
— B: Build resistance (choose to impact your quality of life).
— C: Change (nurture emotional, physical and vocational well-being).
“The greatest resource a pastor can have is a healthy self and family,” Yessick said. “Out of that will come successful ministry.”

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