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Moldovan student interprets for homeland dignitaries, shares Christ

WAKE FOREST, N.C. (BP)–Eugene Palanciuc has a heart for Moldova and has already seen God open the way for a ministry when he returns to his homeland.

Palanciuc, a native Moldovan, is studying at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary and upon graduation plans to return to Moldova to plant churches in the poverty-stricken Eastern European nation.

Palanciuc got a glimpse at what God is planning to do in his ministry Dec. 19 when Palanciuc was a guest interpreter for a group of Moldovan dignitaries — including Moldovan President Vladimir Voronin — visiting the United States.

“I felt privileged” at the unexpected opportunity, Palanciuc said.

The group visited North Carolina State University in Raleigh, N.C., just minutes from Southeastern’s campus in Wake Forest. Palanciuc was invited to help interpret for the group through contact George Wilson, vice provost for international affairs at the university.

The invitation was a gift from God, Palanciuc said, but even more exciting was the chance to share his faith and testimony with a Moldovan television personality and the Moldovan ambassador to the United States, for whom he was translating during a luncheon hosted by N.C. State’s chancellor.

“I was able to mention the reason why I am at the seminary and what I intend to do when I return home,” he said. “I was also able to share how Jesus changed my life.”

The opportunity to share Christ was a delight for Palanciuc, who has a burden for his homeland but never expected to be able to impact Moldova until he completed his seminary work.

Palanciuc can see God planting seeds for his ministry through the luncheon appointment. The television news anchor, in particular, seemed interested in Palanciuc’s plans to return to Moldova and plant churches.

“He did say that when you’re in Moldova, stop by,” Palanciuc said.

Palanciuc is not disappointed that he did not get to meet Voronin, who was escorted out while Palanciuc talked with another ambassador.

“While I was not able to talk to the president, I am grateful to have gotten to know all the people who were at my table,” he said. “I do believe that God will use them in the future in the sense that they will provide open doors for the gospel. I do intend to follow up on all the acquaintances I have made.”
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