Charles Colson

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Medicine and Democracy

If I told you that "doctors' personal beliefs can hinder care," you might guess that I was talking about physicians who would use leeches instead of antibiotics — or, maybe, Jehovah's Witnesses who refused to give their patients blood transfusions. If so, you probably have not read the Associated Press. "Doctors' Personal Beliefs Can Hinder […]

Now That We’ve Voted

With the presidential election finally over and with the re-election of President Bush, some are thinking, "Hallelujah! We have a president who's going to promote a godly moral agenda. All is well because we've won." If that's what you're thinking, it's time for a serious reality check. The Kingdom of God will not arrive on […]

Whose Choice Is ‘Pro-Choice’?

When someone labels his position "pro-choice," whose choice does he or she mean? An article titled "Who's Making the Choice?" in the Post-Abortion Review states, "Hundreds of thousands of women undergo unwanted abortions every year to please someone else or because of pressure or coercion by their sexual partners, parents, social workers, counselors, employers, or […]

Surprise Converts: The New Muslims

The women gather at the Old Country Buffet in a Boston shopping mall. They laugh and chat as they dig into roast beef and ice cream sundaes. They could be any group of young moms and college students enjoying a night out. But they're not. These women are recent converts to Islam, celebrating the end of Ramadan. They symbolize a curious new phenomenon in the wake of September 11: A surge of Islamic conversions.

FIRST-PERSON Pickering: unjustly maligned

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Charles Colson
      WASHINGTON (BP)--President Bush's current record approval rating doesn't mean that congressional Democrats and their allies are prepared to give him everything he wants. This is especially so in the area of judicial nominations. If they can't defeat a nominee on the merits, they don't hesitate to resort to distortion and dishonesty -- case in point: Judge Charles W. Pickering, a federal district court judge nominated for a seat on the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals.

Pedophilia Chic

How does the unthinkable become thinkable? Through slow, persistent, and quiet change. At a time when abortion, infanticide, and euthanasia are becoming widely accepted, you might wonder: What's left that could possibly be called "unthinkable"? The answer: pedophilia, the sexual exploitation of children. Most Americans view pedophilia as an abomination. But gay activists are now […]

FIRST-PERSON: Pick-and-choose theology remakes Jesus to fit our own prejudices

WASHINGTON (BP)–During this presidential campaign, we’ve heard all about how faithfully Sen. Joe Lieberman follows the tenets of Orthodox Judaism. If the Senate votes on the Jewish Sabbath, we’ve been told, Lieberman walks three miles to Capitol Hill instead of driving. If he takes the subway, then one of his aides will insert the fare […]

FIRST-PERSON: Just because he/she is a scientist doesn’t make him/her an atheist

WASHINGTON (BP)–Scientists around the world have been sleeping lightly of recent, many hoping for a call from Stockholm about a Nobel Prize in fields such as chemistry, physics, physiology or medicine. These awards have special significance this year, because it’s the 100th anniversary of the Nobel Prizes. But what does it mean for Christians? We’re […]

ANALYSIS: Scouts’ ‘morally straight’ pledge still matters to grassroots America

WASHINGTON (BP)–There’s good news to report from the frontlines of the culture war, where the Boy Scouts have been fighting for traditional values for many years. First, Attorney General Janet Reno ruled Sept. 1 that the Scouts can hold jamborees on federal land, even though the Scouts bar homosexuals from leadership positions. Just five days […]

FIRST-PERSON — Triumph of the therapeutic: the president at Willow Creek

WASHINGTON (BP)–I thought I had spoken my last words about the Clinton/Lewinsky scandal. Like most Americans, I’m sick of it. Then, on the eve of his farewell address to the Democratic National Convention, President Clinton discussed the subject before 4,000 pastors assembled at the Willow Creek Community Church in Illinois. These comments are not so […]