Judy A. Bates

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Mission:Dignity — The love of a Father

DALLAS (BP) -- A father's love will shape a man's life -- even if it doesn't come from his own dad. Just ask Elvis Durrill. Elvis was born in 1933 in the midst of the Great Depression. One of nine children born to Otha Earl and Minnie Durrill, his young life on the farm was hard and filled with manual labor. His father was not a religious man, but taught his children not to lie, steal or cheat. It was from his mother that Elvis learned of God's loving care.

‘It has eased my pain’ widow says of Mission:Dignity

To Doris Jackson, "Mission:Dignity means life." "There have been times I would not have made it without you, but God's loving heart and tender hands led you my way."

Mission:Dignity payouts increase to recipients

DALLAS (BP) -- Mission:Dignity recipients received a welcome increase in their October assistance payments with the neediest among them seeing their monthly grant amounts grow by 12 percent to $450 for singles and $600 for couples. Qualified individuals receiving the largest payouts must have at least 25 years of Southern Baptist ministerial service and must meet guidelines for income and assets. Eligible recipients with at least 10 years of full-time, salaried Southern Baptist service receive $225 per month, if single, and couples receive $300.