Anonymous author embraces obscurity, humility

NASHVILLE (BP) — The world is filled with people who live and die in anonymity. To those who yearn for true success as modeled by Jesus, the anonymous author of a new book points toward humility, service, sacrifice and surrender.

The author of “Embracing Obscurity: Becoming Nothing in Light of God’s Everything,” released by B&H Publishing Group, chose to publish under the name “Anonymous” and to maintain nearly complete anonymity. Only one B&H editor and a couple of executives at LifeWay Christian Resources know the identity of Anonymous — reportedly a well-established author — who communicates via a specially created email address.

“We did not know anything about the identity of the author when we received the manuscript,” said Selma Wilson, vice president of B&H Publishing Group. “But the message of the book grabbed us immediately. It is exactly what we are about at B&H — bringing an engaging and substantive Christ-centered message.”

“This book is a call to stop imitating the world’s formula for success and instead follow the model of our humble King,” Anonymous said in quotes provided by B&H. “I couldn’t think of any way to reconcile that message while simultaneously promoting myself, so I chose to take up the challenge of embracing my own obscurity.”

Obscurity “can be either assigned (by God) or chosen (by us),” Anonymous writes in the book. “I don’t know whether one is harder than the other. I just know that from a prideful, human point of view, either can gnaw at us. We don’t want to live as one in a crowd. We don’t want to be just another person living in a subdivision in the suburban sprawl that has become America.”

“It is my desire to awaken the church to the unsurpassing peace and pleasure of becoming nothing in light of God’s everything,” the author said via B&H.

“Even when an overarching, global obscurity has been assigned to us, we still have a choice of whether to embrace personal obscurity — an obscurity of heart as much as position,” Anonymous writes. “And that is the message I believe God has for us, a message He modeled as well as taught.”

The author has modeled the principles of the book well, Wilson said.

“Writing a book, especially one with deep transparent personal themes, is a painstaking event,” she said. “And to do that with zero credit is a tremendous thing. The message Anonymous brings forward in this book is very appropriate for the evangelical world today.”

To maintain the integrity of his/her anonymity, the author will not make any appearances or speaking engagements in support of the book, Wilson said. However, Anonymous will interact with visitors at Facebook.com/EmbracingObscurity. In addition, Anonymous is available for interviews via email.

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