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2 U.S. women in Afghanistan reported safe amid U.S. strikes

WACO, Texas (BP)–Two Americans on trial in Afghanistan are safe despite continued bombings of Kabul, the capital where they are being held, according to a prayer alert issued the evening of Oct. 9.

Dayna Curry, 29, and Heather Mercer, 24, are among eight foreign workers with the German-based Shelter Now facing charges of trying to convert Afghans to Christianity.

“We have received word that the attorney has communicated with all of the detainees and they are okay,” reported Dawn Manoleas, a staff member at Antioch Community Church in Waco, Texas, where Curry and Mercer are members.

In an Oct. 10 update, Maneoleas added, “We have recently heard that the attorney has made it into the capital and has delivered several packages to all of the detainees.”

The church has maintained a 24-hour prayer vigil for the two Baylor University graduates since their arrest Aug. 3.

Antioch issued its Oct. 9 update on the eve of reports of beatings of Afghan employees of the United Nations by Taliban loyalists.

The Associated Press reported Oct. 10 that a U.N. spokeswoman said employees had been beaten in Kabul, Kandahar and Jalalabad. Those three cities have been targeted in U.S. missile and air attacks that began Oct. 7.

While the U.N. withdrew its international staff from Afghanistan two days after the Sept. 11 attacks on America, hundreds of native employees remained behind to continue delivering food and other aid, the AP said.

Despite the news of Curry and Mercer’s safety, Manoleas also reported Oct. 9 that the charges by Taliban authorities have been filed individually against the eight defendants. That means the eight westerners will face separate trials. They are represented by Atif Ali Khan, an attorney from Pakistan.

As American air strikes continued for the third day against Afghanistan, Manoleas asked that Christians pray the detainees would know the Lord as their protector and comforter.

She also asked for prayer that all eight will be released and not just a few since their cases had been separated.

“Pray for peace to rule and reign in their hearts,” Manoleas said. “Pray for them to be able to rest under the shelter of [God’s] wings no matter what the situation around them may be.”

Manoleas noted that terrorists want people to be consumed with fear and doubts about tomorrow.

Many questions are being posed, such as what will happen next, the fate of Curry and Mercer, what will happen to the Afghan people, and who will be hurt next, Manoleas wrote.

However, God is the same yesterday, today and forever, she said. Calling the Lord the Good Shepherd who guides and comforts, she reminded people that God is in control.

“He sees us and hears us and he will never let us go,” Manoleas said. “These are only a few of the many truths we can stand on during this time. These truths are also what we can pray into the hearts and minds of our friends that are being detained.”
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