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6/26/97 Bob Reccord to NAMB staff: ‘Stand firm … move forward’

ALPHARETTA, Ga. (BP)–The new president of the North American Mission Board encouraged the new Southern Baptist Convention agency’s staff to “Stand firm and urgently move forward.”
Speaking at NAMB’s first chapel service June 25, Robert E. “Bob” Reccord stated, “We will stand firm on our convictions, but we will not stand still. We must move forward in reaching this continent for Christ.
“Much of the Christian community is acting like we’re at peace rather than at war,” Reccord said. “Many of us are in that war, but not at war, and we’re losing the spiritual battle for this nation. We better get in a war mentality if we’re to see lives changed for Christ.”
Newly elected as president of the agency which replaced the Home Mission Board, Brotherhood Commission and Radio and Television Commission under the SBC restructuring, “Covenant for a New Century,” Reccord announced new requirements for every employee to “get in the game.”
“Everybody at NAMB will be trained to give away their faith,” Reccord announced. “Everybody. If we can’t effectively share our faith, we have no business being at the North American Mission Board. That is a requirement.”
Every employee also will be required to give one week a year to a mission project, Reccord said. “It is ludicrous for us to say we’re a mission board if every one of us is not on mission … . It is critical that we walk the walk and not just talk the talk.”
Acknowledging some employees may resist the two requirements, Reccord said, “That’s fine. That means God has another place of service for them. We must get in the battle of reaching our world for Christ.”
Using Joshua’s assumption of leadership of the nation Israel as his example and text, Reccord told employees God has called them to NAMB as their place of service. “No one is here by accident. God called you here by name before the foundation of the world,” Reccord said. “Nobody here is more important than anyone else. Everybody plays in the game.”
However, Reccord said, “We are not in ministry to compete with one another but to cooperate with one another. My greatest call is to make you successful. Our greatest call as the North American Mission Board is to make the local churches successful.
“Our calling is not to produce great materials or programs. Our calling is to help churches, associations and state conventions fulfill the dream and vision God has given them.”
Reccord, most recently pastor of First Baptist Church, Norfolk, Va., shared with the staff the four priority emphases for the new agency will be reaching the major cities, junior and senior high schools, college campuses and ethnics.
Reccord also announced all employees will participate in three days of prayer and renewal Sept. 9-11. “We’re going to spend three days getting our lives where they should be and praying for every person who works here, every missionary, every state convention and church involved in our work,” he said.
Reccord said several live satellite broadcasts between NAMB’s Alpharetta, Ga., and Fort Worth, Texas, locations will be scheduled during the emphasis and that all normal business of the agency will be suspended.
“I think our convention will understand,” Reccord said, “if we’re not available for a few days because we’ve set aside time for prayer and fasting and worship together.”

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