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7/25/97 Sunday School Board seeks to employ minorities, women

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (BP)–The Baptist Sunday School Board is seeking qualified minorities and women for positions at all levels, according to Charlie Hawkins, manager of the placement section in the human resources department.
Positions include entry-level support staff, editors, consultants, professionals with varied skills and managers, Hawkins said. African Americans, Hispanics, Asians and people from other language and culture groups are being sought. The board is an equal opportunity employer.
“With the diversity in our denomination and the number of language and ethnic congregations using Sunday School Board materials, it is very important that we have people from numerous language and culture groups working in components throughout the board,” Ramon Martinez, director of the multicultural leadership department, said.
Elgia Wells, leadership consultant in the multicultural leadership department, said while people from language and culture groups are the foundation of the multicultural leadership department, they also are needed to use their skills in every ministry and function of the board.
One current need is for people to work in editorial roles on youth curriculum, Hawkins said. Candidates for these positions must be Southern Baptists with seminary training, strong English grammar skills and church experience working with youth.
Job-related skills, strong interpersonal and English skills and a commitment to ministry are needed in other positions at the board, Hawkins said.
He said interested people may contact the human resources department at (615) 251-2311 or fax their resume to (615) 251-5017.
Information about vacant positions is posted on SBCNet, the denomination’s forum on CompuServe and on the Internet site, www.bssb.com. Also, information is available on the BSSB job line, (615) 251-2321.