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American Tract Society resource envisions triumph from tragedy

ATLANTA (BP)–The terrorist attacks in New York and Washington have demonstrated to a shocked world that physical security is a relatively unstable condition. But the non-profit American Tract Society has developed a ministry tool to help Christians show others how to find spiritual security even in the midst of the current physical and emotional chaos many are facing.

The tract, “America Under Attack,” explains that true security is found by trusting God.

“We hope that in producing this tract, believers would have a timely resource to be able to share a message of true hope for those suffering from the recent tragedy,” said Joey Hancock, director of the church ministry division at ATS. “We know also that there are those who’ve begun to realize that physical life is fragile and might seek a better understanding about God and the nature of spiritual things.”

ATS, which has been producing evangelistic materials for 176 years, responded rapidly to the evangelistic needs produced by the terrorism in New York and Washington. The new tract is available now and the rapid pace of orders causes Hancock to expect to distribute a million copies or more of the tract.

“Our primary goal is not to make a monetary profit, but to make sure that to the best of our ability we fill every need for a timely and effective evangelism tool,” Hancock said.
Groups and individuals can order the new tract online at www.ATSTracts.org or by phone, 1 800 54-TRACT or 1 800 548-7228. One packet of 25 tracts is $2.75.

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