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Amid quake’s trauma, believers turn to Jesus, see miracles

EDITORS’ NOTE: Pakistan is predominantly a Muslim country but there are strong Christian believers there, many of whom have been ministering among earthquake survivors since the Oct. 8 quake. Their stories show how God is revealing Himself to earthquake survivors.

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan (BP)–“I was walking with people everywhere, hearing screaming and other noises from destroyed houses. Everyone was busy trying to help. I saw a 2-year-old baby boy. This little boy was screaming out, saying that somebody should help him. I went close to him and saw that he was stuck in the rubble. Only his head and one hand were sticking out. He said to me, ‘Uncle, save me!’

“Brethren, believe me, this situation seemed impossible for me alone to get him out. But I reached for him and started pushing the wall. I tried a lot, but this wall was very heavy. I tried again and again. It was hard for me to see this boy stuck and bleeding, and he was continuing to cry out, ‘Save me!’

“Finally, I sat down and told the boy to ask the Lord Jesus to help him. I told him that Jesus could help because I couldn’t. He asked me with his little mouth, speaking in the Pushtu language, who Jesus was. I said that He is the most powerful Lord God. He then started asking Jesus to help him.

“I then told him that I would try to push the wall, but that Jesus would actually move it. Brethren, after one push against this wall that weighed about 1.5 tons, the Lord Jesus picked it up, as if He was picking up a book! I then quickly moved the boy out. I later told this boy that his new name is ‘Emanuel.’”

At another juncture after the earthquake, as a national believer was looking for people who needed help, he heard a baby screaming. He could not see the baby, but heard his cries coming from a collapsed building. He started praying for the Lord to save this baby. The baby’s father was nearby, so the believer asked the father to sit and pray with him, using the name of Jesus. He told the father that Jesus would save his baby and any other family members if they were still alive. At this point, the baby stopped crying, and the only noise they could hear was the sound of him sucking milk.

A few days passed as they waited for a tractor to arrive to help move the rubble. Each day, believers went to the site to try to get the baby out, praying there with the locals. Each evening as the believers gathered to report on the day’s activities, they prayed for the baby.

The morning of the fourth day, the group’s leader went with the believer to check on the baby’s situation. When they arrived, they heard the sound of the baby, as if it were sucking milk. The baby’s father said that Jesus was feeding his baby. The father’s faith was now strong.

Later that morning, they were finally able to rescue the baby. His mother and an older brother were found dead in the same spot and had been dead several days. But God protected one of the breasts of the mother and allowed milk to flow from the baby’s dead mother for nearly 80 hours.

Many of the local people saw and heard these believers praying in the name of Jesus and praising God. Many said they now believe that Jesus is the Savior and want to know more about Him, so they asked the believers if they could teach them about Jesus.

With no medical facilities or doctors available, many survivors suffered with severe injuries. As time elapsed, some of the wounds became infected and had worms in them.

One group of believers turned to the only help they knew: prayer. The group gathered 62 people around them –- 29 women, 24 men and nine children -– and started to pray, asking the Lord Jesus to heal the wounds of the injured.

After praying for about 15 minutes and saying “Amen,” everyone looked at the injured people and their wounds. The wounds immediately started to dry up and disappear, and everyone was healed. They were amazed and asked the group of believers to tell them know more about Jesus. The people who were healed now say that Jesus is their “disappear” doctor, since their wounds have disappeared.
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