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Bible Drill now on smartphones, tablets

DULUTH, Ga. (BP) — The Georgia Baptist Convention has brought the digital age to Bible Drill, developing an app to help students and leaders study the Bible on smartphones and tablets.

Developed as a discipleship tool for children, students, adults and families, the app allows drillers to review the Bible through different activity and study options, Maria Brannen, a GBC state missionary in discipleship/spiritual renewal.

“Kids are digital natives and this is a great way for them to have an opportunity for study at home during the week,” Brannen said.

The app provides a variety of study tools to aid in Scripture memorization, including options such as electronic flash cards. Additional activities are designed to help students learn and review Bible books. The app is pre-loaded with three translations used by Bible Drillers — the King James Version, the Holman Christian Standard Version and the English Standard Version. Students and adults also have the option to share a verse they are learning via social media.

Because it is not specific to Georgia’s Bible Drillers, anyone can download the app for 99 cents in the iTunes store.

“It’s a great home study tool where students can learn even if no one else is around,” Brannen said. “We hope to have a whole new generation of children who will have a passion for studying God’s Word.”

Christian parents can use the app to help their children memorize Scripture, facilitating a faith connection at home for family activities, Brannen said. The app also can be used as a learning activity on an iPad in Bible Drill, Sunday School and missions classes at church.

The app is already receiving five-star reviews on iTunes.

“All my Bible Drill parents and teachers are downloading the app and they love it,” a Bible Drill leader in Calhoun, Ga., said. “We have several church members who do not have children but simply want to be familiar with the material when the competition comes. Bible Drill is contagious!”

An array of Bible Drill ideas also is posted on Pinterest at www.pinterest.com/gabibledrill.

First developed in the 1920s, Bible Drill’s purpose is to teach the Bible, develop skills in locating Bible books and verses and in memorizing Bible verses and names of the Bible books chronologically as well as teaching personal biblical application.

The GBC is the permanent host for the National Invitational Youth Bible Drill and Speakers Tournament. In 2014, the event will take place on June 20 at First Baptist Church in Helen.
Eddy G. Oliver serves as state missionary in communication services at the Georgia Baptist Convention.

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