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Biblical finance study has many benefits

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (BP)–Completing an in-depth study of biblical financial management not only dramatically improves a person’s financial position, but it also benefits their walk with Christ, family relationships and contribution to church life, according to research recently conducted by Crown Financial Ministries.

A survey of 1,429 people who had completed Crown’s Biblical Financial Study indicated, on average, the following results within three years:

— Personal debt, down 38 percent

— Savings and investment, up 58 percent

— Closer relationship to Christ, 35 percent

— Prayer frequency, up 46 percent

— Bible reading frequency, up 64 percent

— Stronger marital relationships, 78 percent

— Giving to church, up 70 percent

— Service to church, up 47 percent

Of the 1,429 graduates surveyed, 11 were unbelievers but came to Christ either during the class or afterward and reported a close walk with Christ.
Compiled by Baptist Press assistant editor Mark Kelly. Crown Financial Ministries is on the Internet at crown.org.

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