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CCM artist Sandi Patty reveals positive COVID-19 diagnosis

OKLAHOMA CITY (BP) — Gospel singer Sandi Patty announced through Facebook Tuesday (March 17) she has tested positive for COVID-19.

The Grammy-winning artist told fans she is self-quarantining with her husband at their home in Oklahoma.

Patty explained in the video that she had not felt well in the past few weeks and had been traveling for various events, coming home the weekend of March 7.

Patty attends Crossing Community Church in Oklahoma City but said since returning home on March 7, she had not been to the church or been around anyone from the church, but had simply stayed home.

Encouraging individuals to heed advice and take COVID-19 seriously, Patty said self-quarantine is the right choice.

“This is not fake news, this is real, this is everything that they say it is, and we just gotta take it seriously,” Patty said in the video. “I’m really thankful that Don and I are, first, taking it seriously for ourselves. And when we make the right choice to quarantine ourselves, not only are we protecting ourselves and thinking about ourselves, it’s the right decision for everybody else too.”

In a caption posted along with the video, Patty also emphasized social distancing.

“If you are not already practicing social distancing and staying home, do so now,” Patty said. “This is what we can all do. This is how we stop the spread.”

Patty also encouraged social distancing on her Twitter page, using the hashtag “#flattenthecurve.”

Crossing Community Church continues to meet online, offering livestreaming services, and Patty said she is grateful for that option.

“I’m really thankful that we have a church that decided we can still have community online,” Patty said.

Patty said she plans to continue posting updates regarding her health and situation in the days to come, but challenged viewers to do their part in handling COVID-19.

“We can’t do everybody’s part for them, but we can do our part,” Patty said. “He [God] has given us faith, but He’s also given us wisdom, so this is a time to utilize that wisdom.”

Patty closed her remarks by encouraging viewers that “God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and love and a sound mind. So, I pray that all of those aspects of God will be shown to you.”