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Company to help churches apply for low-power FM radio station licenses

ASHBORO, N.C. (BP)–A North Carolina-based company wants churches throughout the nation to take advantage of the Federal Communication Commission’s recent decision to create additional low-power radio stations.

Danny Miller, a spokesman for AmGrace, said the company will provide free help to any church wanting to apply for a new, low-power FM radio station license.

“We are doing this to get the Word of God out over the airwaves,” Miller said. “And we are willing to help churches through the application process free of charge.

“This new opportunity will allow churches to reach out to their communities in a way that was never possible before,” Miller said.

Miller said churches have until the end of May to begin the application process. In addition to handling the application, Miller said the company also will assist churches in locating equipment for their stations.

Approved churches would be able to broadcast on low-power frequencies with a range of about 20 miles, he said.

For an application, log onto AmGrace’s Internet site at www.AmGrace.net.

AmGrace is a nonprofit organization dedicated to spreading God’s Word by reading the Bible on the air.

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