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In (BP) story titled “School killings prompt singer to return home to aid healing,” dated 12/3/97, please correct the first name in the lead to Steven, not Stephen. The following additional information can be added to the story:
— In the 3rd paragraph, Chapman is a 1981 graduate of Heath High School.
— In the 4th paragraph, this sentence can be added: His parents still reside in Paducah.
— In the 5th paragraph, the following amplified quotation can be substituted at the outset of the paragraph: “I just wanted to be there as a friend and a brother, to offer whatever encouragement I could,” Chapman said.
— Also in the 5th paragraph, the full name of the church is Bible Baptist Heartland Worship Center.
— The following paragraphs can be added after the 5th paragraph:
“I know that God can and will make good out of what is intended for evil — this is promised in the Scriptures,” Chapman said. “I pray that people will remember: The same lips that were silenced by these killings were lips in prayer earlier that morning, and, that their friends continued in prayer and forgiveness even after. Today, a poster hangs in front of the school declaring, ‘We forgive you because he forgave us.’ That should be the legacy of this tragic event.”
Chapman also observed, “When I visited Paducah earlier this week, even among the grief and mourning, I saw a sense of peace in the community and an acknowledgment that their hope is in a home beyond this life.”

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