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‘Courageous’ stays in top 10 in third weekend

ALBANY, Ga. (BP) — The church-made film “Courageous” stayed in the Top 10 in total gross during its third weekend and remained strong in per-theater average, despite going against three new films.

In fact, Courageous actually beat a new film, Fox’s “The Big Year,” which had a $57 million budget but flopped at No. 9. Courageous, with a $1 million budget, ended up No. 8 and has grossed $21.2 million since opening weekend.

Made by Sherwood Baptist Church in Albany, Ga., Courageous finished No. 5 in per-theater average, helped partially by it opening in about 50 more theaters nationwide. It opened in 1,161 theaters and is now showing in 1,214 theaters.

In one closely watched stat, Courageous lost 32.1 percent in total gross from its second weekend — a solid performance. Movies often lose 40 to 50 percent in gross from one weekend to the next.

Courageous remains the No. 1 fan-rated movie at Fandango.com, a leading movie ticketing website.

The movie follows the story of five men — four of them police officers — as they seek to become better fathers.
Compiled by Michael Foust, associate editor of Baptist Press.

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