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Doctor of education ministry to be offered at Midwestern

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (BP)–Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary is planning to launch a doctor of education ministry degree for church staff members in August.
The D. Min. program provides ministry training beyond the master’s level for those students wanting to enhance the practice of ministry, said Robert Vaughan, assistant professor of Christian education.
“There has not been a degree with a practical approach for any position other than the pastorate. This will be a ministry degree with practical application for ministers of education, ministers of youth, ministers of preschool, associate pastors, ministers of administration — it will cover that full range. It could include even ministers of music who want to enhance their ministry skills,” Vaughan said.
“We did a mail-out to our graduates within the last three years with a master of arts degree. We already have a waiting list of 35 graduates wanting into the program,” said Vaughan, recounting interest in the new program.
The Association of Theological Schools announced standards for the D.Ed.Min. degree earlier this year and Midwestern has designed its program around those standards. Vaughan said Midwestern will hear if its program has been approved by the end of June or if any revisions are necessary. Either way, the program will begin in August of this year, he said.
The D.Ed.Min. degree is a four-year degree with three years for seminars and one year to complete the doctoral project. To enter the program, a student must have completed three years of full-time ministry experience after obtaining the equivalency of a master of arts degree.
The degree comes on the heels of changes to Midwestern’s doctor of ministry degree which require the completion of more seminars while providing increased elective options.

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