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East Texas Baptist trustees approve guaranteed cost plan

MARSHALL, Texas (BP)–East Texas Baptist University has announced a financial plan that will guarantee cost to students and their parents over an eight semester period.

The university’s board of trustees approved the plan that is designed to address concerns related to annual cost increases in tuition, fees, room and board beginning with the fall semester.

“Financing an education is one of the most important investments that a student and their family will undertake,” university President Bob E. Riley said. “We have worked on this plan for several years to guarantee the cost of education and allow families to plan and budget more effectively.”

The “Guaranteed Cost Plan” will guarantee the cost of tuition, fees, room and board for eight semesters. The new plan will apply to students taking 12 to 18 hours each semester with an hourly rate charged for students taking fewer than 12 semester hours or more than 18. The rate does not include music fees or similar special fees applicable to certain programs.

A unique feature of the plan provides students enrolled full-time for the academic year to take one 3-hour course during either May, June or July terms at no cost. Beginning with the fall semester, students will pay $7,850 per semester for tuition, regular fees, room and board before scholarships and grants are applied.

“Our research indicated that many students who left school before graduating often did so for financial reasons,” Riley said. “It became evident to us that some students couldn’t stay in school because of the annual increase in costs. The Guaranteed Cost Plan allows a student to save money if they stay in school.”

Major revisions to curriculum and degree requirements have also been approved, increasing the possibility of a student graduating in four years. The Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degree requirements have been reduced from 128 hours to 120 hours. The university also is making changes in the scholarship program with increases expected for most scholarships along with new scholarships that will benefit current sophomore, junior and senior students.

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