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In the (BP) story, “Executive Committee opts for alternatives to call for ecumenical expenditure study,” dated 9/22/99, the following paragraphs can be added to the story:

Following the meeting, NAMB president Robert E. “Bob” Reccord affirmed the work of the Executive Committee as well as his agency’s relationship with Mission America.
“I certainly appreciate the Executive Committee’s efforts to insure proper use of Cooperative Program funds,” Reccord said. “I do want to assure Southern Baptists that NAMB is committed to helping our churches reach North America for Christ, but Southern Baptists will not do that alone. That is why we will continue to work with other evangelical groups that share our passion for the lost and hold a high view of Scripture.”
Reccord explained that Mission America is not a membership organization but a loose coalition of evangelicals committed to praying for the lost and to proclaiming the need for a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. “None of Mission America’s cooperating ministries signs anything or joins anything. Neither Mission America nor any of the affiliated ministries sends materials to Southern Baptist churches, but rather they have adopted evangelistic material developed by us including the Celebrate Jesus 2000 campaign and the ‘Split Time’ witnessing tract for use by other evangelicals,” Reccord said. “We feel blessed that we can have such a significant influence on the evangelical community.”
Reccord said NAMB developed guidelines for interdenominational cooperation two years ago. The document commits the agency to working only with other evangelicals who “are evangelical … uphold the Bible alone as the source of God’s truth … and [affirm] that salvation is by faith alone due to God’s grace alone having Christ alone as it’s object.”
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