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FIRST-PERSON: “Day Of Truth” confronts homosexual agenda

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. (BP)–In the California Theater of America’s growing Culture War, the advocates of homosexual behavior have opened what the old World War II movies used to call a “second front.”

Not content with their so-far stalled efforts to get “same-sex marriage” judicially imposed on America, the vanguard of sexual advocacy is now at work on a new strategy –- effacing any recognition of authentic marriage from textbooks, school materials and the minds of America’s children.

Calif. Senate Bill 1437 passed California’s Senate Judiciary Committee the first week of April, bound for a vote on the Senate floor. The bill, as currently conceived, would virtually rewrite the state’s history and social science textbooks to fit the conceits and demands of the homosexual legal agenda, laying the groundwork for gender-neutral school bathrooms and the elimination of all education material references to such “homophobic” terms as “mom and dad,” or “husband and wife.”

If you didn’t realize we’d come that far … if you hadn’t reckoned with the advocates of homosexual behavior being so single-minded in their determination to crack every moral cornerstone of the country … if it never occurred to you that they wouldn’t stop until they’d converted every child in America to their fierce distortion of human sexuality … maybe it’s because they’ve been so quiet about it.

Oh, such advocates have their “gay pride” parades and their TV shows, and they long ago seduced the major media and secured a stranglehold on the political spotlight.

But it’s in the schools that these advocates are doing their greatest damage — and they’re doing it by keeping their mouths shut.

It’s been 10 years since the advocates of homosexual behavior launched their “Day of Silence” events in our nation’s public schools. The idea is simple enough: for an entire day, participating students (joined more and more by sympathetic teachers and administrators) go silent. If called upon to answer a question in class or around campus, they present a card, detailing their non-verbal support for allegedly oppressed “homosexual, bi-sexual, and transgender” students everywhere.

It’s a great way to intimidate impressionable young people into support for things like “same-sex marriage” and adoption demands of same-sex couples. And a lot of statistics are proving just how impressionable our young people are.

A 2001 poll by Zogby International found that 85 percent of high school seniors supported something called “homosexual rights.” Two-thirds supported legalizing “same-sex marriage,” and 68 percent favored same-sex couples being allowed to adopt children. Another 79 percent endorsed so-called anti-discrimination laws specifically designed to protect people who engage in homosexual behavior, and 88 percent backed “hate crimes” legislation.

Five years later, in some polls the numbers are even worse, as tax-funded education mandates more and more instruction for students in how to be pro-“tolerance” and pro-homosexual behavior. The popular culture is awash with those same messages, while a frightening number of parents, pastors and churches continue to maintain their own discreet silence on what is fast-becoming the pre-eminent social, legal and political issue of our times.

All that hush-hush from the devout leaves our young people deeply vulnerable to those with the agenda — which is why the “Day of Truth,” sponsored by the Alliance Defense Fund, is such an important event on campuses all over the country.

Scheduled for April 27 (one day following the “Day of Silence”), “Day of Truth” is an ideal opportunity for young people to make a strong, thoughtful, outspoken response to the tacit lies and subtle intimidations put forth on the “Day of Silence.”

In between classes, “Day of Truth” participants will hand out cards of their own, offering to share a candid, loving, fact-based counterpoint to the unspoken assertions of the advocates for homosexual behavior. While making their case from a Christian perspective, the “Day of Truth”ers will confront with compassion — not condemnation — and restrict their discussions to the periods before, after and between classes.

Because Christian students have encountered strong opposition on many campuses for daring to speak the truth in love on these issues, the Alliance Defense Fund is offering a broad array of legal resources to ensure full recognition of the “Day of Truth” participants’ First Amendment rights.

Will it make a difference? Will these “Day of Truth” events sow seeds of understanding, communication and spiritual healing sufficient to turn back the rising tide of tacit support for homosexual demands among the youth of our nation?

Time will tell. So much depends on the support these courageous Christian students receive from their own families, friends and church leaders.

One thing is certain -– silence doesn’t teach anyone anything. But Proverbs 25:11 says that “a word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in settings of silver.”

Let us pray that, on April 27, the “Day of Truth” participants will have some apples for their teachers — and their fellow students, as well.
For more information about the Day of Truth, visit www.DayofTruth.org. Sears, a former federal prosecutor who held various posts in the departments of Justice and Interior during the Reagan Administration, is president and CEO of the Alliance Defense Fund (www.telladf.org), a Christian religious liberty legal organization. He is co-author with Craig Osten of the book “The ACLU vs. America: Exposing the Agenda to Redefine Moral Values,” available online at www.lifewaystores.com

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