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FIRST-PERSON: Lighthouses of hope

DURHAM, N.C. (BP)–Daily phone calls from those hurting with drug problems and their significant others are constant reminders of America’s serious drug abuse tragedy that seems determined never to go away. But take hope, dear friends. Jesus is still healing people!

The major question is essentially the same. Where can I send my loved one that will offer hope for recovery?

We will never recommend any recovery program or any treatment facility that is not Christ-centered. Neither will we point anyone to a source of help that does not offer hope for permanent recovery.

A serious addiction must be replaced by something stronger than the gnawing dependence. There is nothing stronger than a lasting faith in Jesus and the decision to allow Him to assume control of one’s life. That means total surrender!

In this column we would like to make some definite recommendations to locations that have proved their abilities to deliver when the hurting one desires recovery — two primary treatment facilities for men in the western part of North Carolina and one for women in South Carolina. These facilities have been in existence for many years, and each has a proven track record.

HEBRON COLONY MINISTRIES, 356 Old Turnpike, Boone, NC 28607; telephone, (828) 963-4842.

This facility was opened in 1947 for men suffering from alcohol-related problems and has since extended its services to any man suffering drug-related problems. “There is no charge,” they say at Hebron, “but one must have a willing spirit.” The Christ-centered program lasts for 10 weeks, and the men accepted (at least 21 years of age) must be willing to cooperate in the work program. Rules must be obeyed, and Bible studies and worship services will be at the core of the program. Medical tests are required, and often the large number of applicants for treatment requires a wait of at least 10 to 12 weeks. The program is excellent!

BETHEL COLONY OF MERCY, 1675 Bethel Colony Road, Lenoir, NC 28645; (828) 754-9987.

This men’s facility was founded in 1949. The program, with the slogan of “Victory Through Christ,” majors on Bible study and worship and requires each participant to be involved in a work program. Medical tests also are required, and there is no charge for admission. The wait for admission after application is usually three to four weeks. Since this facility is larger than Hebron Colony, the wait is usually shorter. This is also an excellent program and, like Hebron Colony, has a record of positive results.

GRACE HOME, P.O. Box 407, Santee, SC 29142; (803) 854-9809.

This women’s facility was opened in 1953 as an associated arm of Hebron Colony. Its recovery program also revolves around Christ as the answer to every problem. The center was relocated to Santee, S.C., in 2000, near the Santee Cooper Lakes. Applicants also must take medical tests for entry to the program, and there are no charges for the treatment stay. This center also has an excellent record. The wait for admission is not long.

We are happy to recommend these three primary treatment facilities. In the next column we will discuss the rest of the story: halfway houses and support groups, all of which must also meet the twofold test: Christ-centered and believers in permanent recovery.
Ted G. Stone & Philip Barber are Southern Baptist ministers who speak and write on the subject of drug abuse, proclaiming Jesus as the answer to this problem. For more information or for advice, write to Ted Stone Ministries, P.O. Box 1397, Durham, NC 27702, or call (919) 477-1581.

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