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Golden Gate mission teams sent forth for global impact

SAN FRANCISCO (BP)–Students at Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary prayed for global spiritual impact as they commissioned 55 of their classmates and professors who are traveling to six regions of the world this summer as part of the seminary’s summer missions internship program.

“It’s a privilege for Golden Gate to play such an important part in sharing God’s love around the world through this academic program,” said seminary President William O. Crews. “It provides a wonderful leadership development opportunity for our students while helping to fulfill the Great Commission. We’ve had the opportunity over the last several years to hear amazing stories about how God has worked across the globe in the lives of people.”

Golden Gate students will lead 15 teams comprising youth, collegians and older adults from across the country in ethnographic research, teaching English, literature distribution, children’s camps, prayerwalking and other services aimed at life change among diverse cultural groups.

The student team leaders all have international experience and are committed to discipling fellow team members, organizers said. The trips, most of which last about a month, begin with an orientation either on the West Coast or East Coast, depending on the group’s destination. In addition to the seminary family, another 70 people from high school groups, churches, campus groups and other organizations are involved in the summer projects.

“For us at Golden Gate, our number one priority is reaching out to the peoples of the world with the gospel of Jesus Christ,” said Bill Wagner, the E. Hermond Westmoreland Professor of Evangelism at Golden Gate. “We are well-positioned to place an intense focus on the 10/40 Window while remaining open to mission enterprises in other parts of the world.” The 10/40 Window consists of countries and regions across northern Africa, the Middle East and central and southern Asia where the majority of the world’s unreached populations live.

Wagner, who also serves acting director of the seminary’s David and Faith Kim School of Intercultural Studies, noted the program has a long-term goal of involving at least 10 percent of the seminary’s 1,200 students in the summer internship projects every year.

Amy Taylor, a master of arts in intercultural ministries student, and Amy Boyer, a master of arts in theological studies student, are co-leading a team to Thailand. “I really am looking forward to seeing why God put us together and what he has in store for each one of us,” Taylor said. “I’m sure we will be stretched and tested in ways that we have never been before. We will grow interpersonally, hopefully into more of the servant-leaders God calls us to be. We will grow emotionally through all of the new and different experiences and we will grow spiritually as God walks us through this.”

“I’m looking forward myself to getting a better feel for our call of working with homeless street kids in the major cities,” said David Humphrey, who, along with his wife, Danyel, is leading a team to northern Brazil. “We’re excited about giving many of our team members their first real cross-cultural experience.”

As part of the May 9 commissioning service at the seminary’s Mill Valley, Calif., campus near San Francisco, students shared in the following “prayer dialogue” which can be used as a missions education resource for local congregations:

“Who will go?


Benin. A prayer journey. The Kotofon people. Rural. Traditional African religion. Villages. Voodoo. Spiritual strongholds. A team preparing the way. Benin.

Kenya. Sharing through music. Drums. Voices. A team teaching and equipping others. Kenya.

Senegal. Exploring and praying. The Sereer people. Muslim. Agricultural. 1 million. A team going to the last frontier. Senegal.

Morocco. Prayerwalking. Muslim. Needy. A team praying away the darkness. Morocco.

Marseilles, France. Reaching North Africans. Muslim. Going back. A team giving the Word of life. Marseilles.

Africa. Who will go? Who will go?

East Asia.

Central China. Teaching English. University students. Diverse. Atheist. Searching. A team making relationships. Central China.

Southwest China. Trekking. The Hani people. Remote. Polytheistic. Poor. Hospitable. Illiterate. Animists. A team praying for the forgotten. Southwest China.

Northern China. Language exchange. Muslim. Looking for truth. Buddhist. In darkness. Atheist. A team sharing through friendships. Northern China.

East Asia. Who will go? Who will go?

South America.

Brazil. Loving kids. Urban. 5 degrees south of the equator. Roman Catholic. Street kids. Boys camps. A team demonstrating love. Brazil.

South America. Who will go? Who will go?
South Asia.

India. Ethographic research. Merchants. Megacity. Hindu. Fear. Upper caste. A team relating to people. India.

India. Surveying. Urban. Tibetan refugees. Buddhist. Exiled. Stuck. A team investigating and interceding. India. Ground-breaking research. Megacity. Hindu. Menagerie. Unknown millions. Lost. Searching. A team learning how to reach them. India.

South Asia. Who will go? Who will go?

Southeast Asia.

Thailand. Teaching English. Large city. Future leaders. University Students. Polite. Buddhist. A team developing friendships. Reaching the Chinese. Wealthy. Unsatisfied. Vacationers. Empty. Atheist. A team distributing life giving materials. Thailand.

Southeast Asia. Who will go?

Who will pray?”

For more information about Golden Gate Seminary’s summer missions internship, call toll-free 1-888-442-8710.

(The “prayer dialogue” portion of this article was written by Kandace Connor, a GGBTS student.)

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