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‘High Calling’ details Husband’s priorities as a man of faith

HOUSTON (BP)–As the one-year anniversary of the Space Shuttle Columbia disaster approaches, Evelyn Husband, wife of shuttle commander Rick Husband, has written a book about the astronaut’s faith in God.

Titled “High Calling,” the book was released by Thomas Nelson Jan. 13. Following is a partial transcript from a news conference with Husband at her home church, Grace Community Church in Houston, Jan. 25.

Q: Why did you write High Calling?

A: When I was first asked to write High Calling, my reaction was that I would never write a book. But, after further thought and prayer, I realized what a wonderful gift this could be to my children — a permanent record of who their father was, not only as an astronaut, but as a godly man who had his priorities straight and who loved his family dearly. It also gave me an opportunity to share publicly what God has taught me and my family privately — that you can have hope in the midst of deep despair. People have asked me if writing the book has been therapeutic and my answer is, “No, it has not helped me through the grieving process. It has been a very difficult thing to do.” However, as He promised, God has been with me every step of the way.

Q: What do you hope people learn from your story and message?

A: I hope people will find numerous truths in High Calling, including the truth that God is ready, willing and able to walk us through any crises that life may present publicly or privately. I also hope men will be encouraged to set priorities as Rick did, placing God first, family second and career third. Rick made these choices, and we will benefit from that for the rest of our lives. God showed Rick how to be a spiritual leader, a wonderful father and terrific husband. Rick was not perfect; no one is. But God takes us, if we are willing and pliable, and can make a marriage a joyous experience and a home a blessed place to be.

Q: In your book, you say you have “lost all politeness with God.” What do you mean by that?

A: I have had many moments of intense crying and gut-wrenching grieving. Without question, this has been the most intense emotional experience I have ever been through and continue to walk through. In my grief and anger, I have not been polite with God. I have screamed at Him for allowing my children to grow up without their wonderful dad and for me to be a single parent and to lose my very best friend. In response, He has given me wonderful, unconditional love and understanding. Jesus is a man of sorrows acquainted with my grief. I think being honest and open with Him and telling Him exactly how I feel has greatly deepened the intimacy of relationship with [Him.]

Q: In the days after the Columbia tragedy, you were on national television demonstrating an extraordinary peace. How are you able to maintain such peace in the midst of such tragedy?

A: I knew that my only hope for survival and strength would flow from God, and I relied on Him. Every step, every breath, I sought and cried out to Him for supernatural strength and, just as He promises in the Bible, He met me with that peace that surpasses understanding. It has been amazing to feel His presence and love and encouragement at the lowest moments of my life.
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