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Husband & wife’s new WMU book encourages crafts as ministry

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (BP)–Even if you think you can’t you can! That is Linda Hutto’s motto as she encourages women to overcome their skepticism of crafting.

Hutto and her husband, Jackie, have always enjoyed giving handmade gifts to family and friends. Making gifts is their way of saying we care, get well soon or thinking of you. Linda’s passion is painting, and Jackie specializes in woodworking.

So when Woman’s Missionary Union asked them to write a crafts book from a ministry perspective, they were eager to share their ideas and experiences. The result was “Using Crafts in Ministry,” released by WMU this fall.

Linda, who works fulltime for WMU, said she had only one concern in writing the book.

“It was difficult at first to decide what crafts should be in the book,” she said. “As I prayed for guidance, God spoke to my heart about the many needs of his people.

“The primary purpose of the book is to provide women with a tool for ministry,” she explained, “so we selected crafts that could be used in different types of ministries.”

The authors also incorporated Scripture passages on each page of the book to reinforce the spiritual aspect of the book.

“God’s Word instructs us to minister to one another,” she noted, referencing Matthew 20:26-28.

Linda said that her favorite crafts are those that say “I care about you,” such as the friendship jar, the pillow made from an old sweater, and the cookie in a jar.

The Huttos included projects in Using Crafts in Ministry for the beginner and the most advanced crafter. The handmade treasures can be used in a new neighbor basket, given to an international student during the holidays or delivered to a caregiver who needs encouragement, she said.

The authors also suggest that individuals and missions groups can make the crafts to sell to help fund missions trips and projects. Someone else might consider volunteering as part of a short-term missions trip to teach others how to do a particular craft selected from the book.

“There are lots of crafts books on the market,” Linda Hutto acknowledged, “but my hope is that Using Crafts in Ministry will inspire women to use their creative talents to minister to others. I also hope the book will provide practical suggestions for incorporating crafts into ministry activities of all kinds.”

Using Crafts in Ministry may be purchased through WMU by calling 1-800-968-7301 or visiting www.wmustore.com. It is also available through LifeWay Christian Stores.
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