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Increased numbers reported for ‘See You at the Pole’

ALPHARETTA, Ga. (BP)–“Students prayed for their schoolmates and teachers to be bold in expressing their faith,” said Dave Marinello, referring to students of Adalai Stevenson High School in Arlington Heights, Ill.
“They prayed for those who don’t know the Lord to be confronted with the issue of salvation. They prayed for their state and nation, asking God to bring revival in the land, and that biblical truth would be the foundation for our nation’s laws and policies.”
Marinello, pastor of children and youth ministries at Arlington Heights Baptist Church, participated in three “See You at the Pole” (SYATP) prayer rallies Sept. 17 in his community. Junior high, high school and college students gathered in record numbers at school flagpoles across the country before classes for the annual student-led prayer effort.
SYATP began in 1990 as an emphasis of the Baptist General Convention of Texas. In 1991, the effort gained the support of a broad range of evangelical organizations in the United States and other countries.
Many schools reported attendance in the hundreds this year, while some locations had two or three students praying together. Most of the schools reporting activity and attendance said more students were involved this year than ever before.
“The students confessed their sins before God and others, asked for forgiveness and prayed for strength to live a life that reflects Christ’s influence. Wave after wave of thanksgiving was offered up,” Marinello said. “We had 110 students, three faculty members and one parent at the rally. We are all anxious to see the fruit of this day.”
The North American Mission Board has an Internet site (www.syatp.org) to receive reports of the event. Updates are posted on the World Wide Web site, including totals and anecdotal information.

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