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Investing in eternity explored in spring’s Stewardship Journal

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (BP)–Taking stock of eternal investments is the focus for the Spring 1998 issue of Stewardship Journal: Strategies for Faith and Practice, published by the Southern Baptist Sunday School Board’s stewardship section.
The quarterly publication, which began with the Fall 1997 issue, offers principles and tools to help churches build a biblical stewardship foundation, according to Gary Aylor, section director.
“The things to which we give ourselves really can result in eternal investments,” Aylor said. “Time invested in children and in the lives of friends and family makes a difference in this world and the next.
“Tithes and offerings and love gifts invested in missions and places for worship and education do accrue heavenly dividends,” he continued. “Gifts of servanthood, prayer and willing hands flow into the coffers of heaven when the poor are fed, the lost are claimed for Christ and those in despair find hope in him. Jesus himself said these treasures could be laid up in heaven.”
Among featured articles in the issue is “Money Memories,” which deals with the relationship between money and what people believe is most important in life. Other features include “The Coming Transfer of Wealth,” “Investing for Eternity” and “You Can’t Take It With Your … But, You Can Send It Ahead!”
An interview with Mary Hunt, author of “The Financially Confident Woman,” a drama for worship, “Eternal Investing” and resources for preaching a series of sermons on worship and giving also are included.
Recurring feature topics in the quarterly journal include the biblical basis for stewardship, helps for budget and finance committees, financial trends in America today, capital fund-raising ideas and case histories, teaching aids, as well as stewardship program assistance and helps for large- and small-membership churches.
Copies at $3.95 quarterly may be ordered from the Customer Service Center, 127 Ninth Ave., N., Nashville, TN 37234-0113, by fax at (615) 251-5933 or by electronic mail at [email protected]. Stewardship Journal is ISBN number 0-7673-8442-3 and is listed on the board’s dated literature order form.