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MUSIC REVIEW: ‘The Way I Am’ weakened by lack of variety

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (BP)–Jennifer Knapp returns for a third helping with her newest release from Gotee Records titled, The Way I Am.

Knapp offers many great songs on this album, both musically and spiritually.

However, most of the songs feature a moderate tempo and there aren’t many different styles of music represented in this project. That’s a problem. I think many fans, for instance, will be disappointed in the fact that there are no harder rock songs, some of which were highlights in her earlier albums.

Because most of her songs are musically similar, they tend to blend together and form a somewhat monotonous sound. Listened to individually, the songs would be fine. But they just bleed together on this album.

Don’t get me wrong, her signature of pop and rock guitar-based music can still be found imprinted on the songs, but it could be lost in the sameness of the music.

Lyrically, though, this is easily some of Knapp’s best work. It seems like she is taking you on a trip through her mind — a mind dealing with questions and struggles from a believer and a sinner. Her poetic and thoughtful words are real and meaningful to daily life.

For example, “The Way I Am” admits, “Blind these eyes who never tried to lose temptation. I’m so scared, where’s the hesitation? You so easily proved that You could save a man. I am that man.”

Some highlights of the project are “The Light of the World”, an emotional song in which Toby Mac recites Psalms 4 behind a soft ballad and “No Regrets”, a song about freedom in Christ, which ends in a passionate and moving orchestra piece performed by the London Symphony Orchestra.

Overall, Knapp offers some great songs overflowing with spirituality, but because of the music’s similarities, it loses some of its power and energy.

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