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New missions website answers questions about people groups

RICHMOND, Va. (BP)–Ever wondered how far the Gospel has advanced among a particular people group? Ever wondered which people groups are the least evangelized? Ever wondered what a “people group” is?

A new website will help answer those questions and many more.

At www.peoplegroups.org, Web surfers can search more than 11,000 people groups by name, country, religion, language or status of evangelization. The information provided on each people group includes alternate names, country, primary language, religion and population.

Visitors can download a list of all the world’s people groups, as well as tables and charts on the status of global evangelization. They even can add information about pockets of unreached people groups they have discovered in their own cities.

Information for the site is collected through a global network of evangelical missions researchers, then gathered and analyzed by the global research department of the Southern Baptist International Mission Board. Much of the information reflects firsthand research conducted on the field among the people groups themselves.

The site is freshened continually thanks to the feedback link viewers can use to add a people group or update information already on the site. The number of people groups and details about them change constantly as researchers improve their information.

“This site is great because it allows users to help us keep our information fresh,” IMB researcher Jim Haney said. “If you find people groups in your community, let us know.”

The site also offers answers to frequently asked questions and explains some of the frequently used missions acronyms that laypeople often find confusing.
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