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New Seminary Extension courses recommended for college credit

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (BP)–Three new Seminary Extension diploma courses have been reviewed by the American Council on Education and recommended for three hours college credit. While ACE “recommends” three hours credit for each course, the colleges accepting a course determine how many hours credit they will give.
The new courses are “Luke,” “Amos” and “Educational Ministry of the Church.” ACE described all three courses as “educationally sound and well developed.” Some 25 other Seminary Extension diploma courses previously have been recommended for college credit by ACE.
Many colleges and universities, Baptist and non-Baptist, accept Seminary Extension work. Judson College, a Southern Baptist school in Alabama, for example, will accept more than 30 hours of Seminary Extension work in courses recommended by ACE.
The six Southern Baptist seminaries also accept courses taken through Seminary Extension into their undergraduate study programs and/or diploma programs.
Seminary Extension also has just received word its Independent Study Institute (ISI), which offers courses by correspondence, has had its accreditation extended for five more years by the Distance Education Training Council.
Seminary Extension, with offices in Nashville, Tenn., is a ministry of the Council of Seminary Presidents. Courses are made available in a classroom setting at more than 350 Extension Centers across the country to students who for some reason are unable to attend a seminary. Most courses are also available by correspondence. Last year more than 5,000 students took one or more courses.
Inquiries to Seminary Extension may be directed to 901 Commerce St. #500, Nashville, TN 37203 or (615) 242-2453.

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