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Penn. proposed science standards would allow challenges to evolution

PITTSBURGH (BP)–Proposed science standards for the state of Pennsylvania would allow teachers to present theories “that do or do not support the theory of evolution,” according to a Nov. 30 Pittsburgh Post-Gazette report.

The proposed standards also include a statement that schools may “analyze the impact of new scientific facts on the theory of evolution.”

A spokesman for the state’s Department of Education told the Post-Gazette that the phrases were inserted by members of the state Board of Education, but he did not specify which members.

According to the newspaper, the proposed standards still must be published in the Pennsylvania Bulletin — sometime in the “next few weeks,” the Department of Education spokesman said — followed by a 30 day-period during which the public can submit written comments to the state board. If adopted by the board, the standards also will be subject to review by the House and Senate education committees and the attorney general’s office, the newspaper reported.

The Post-Gazette story can be accessed on the Internet at www.post-gazette.com.

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