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Refugee connects with Arab evangelist on social media

EUROPE (BP) — Brahim*, now living in a European refugee camp, left his North African country in search of a better life far from the war and desperation of his home.

Only 22 years old, Brahim doesn’t own much. But he does have a phone, and that is how he first encountered the Gospel.

Through a Gospel-themed page on social media, Brahim began messaging with Yoseph*, an Arab evangelist with a heart for ministry to other Arabic speakers. Through these exchanges, Brahim heard the Gospel and made a profession of faith in Christ.

Yoseph and his ministry partner drove to the refugee camp to visit Brahim. He was tentative in his faith and felt isolated. They studied Scripture and prayed that Brahim would be bold to share with others.

A few weeks later, Yoseph met with a large group of believers gathered in his city — Arabs, Europeans and Americans — and together they prayed that God would work among North African and Middle Eastern men and women.

The next day, Yoseph and his ministry partner heard from Brahim. He had shared the Gospel with his roommate, who believed.

When Yoseph and his partner visited them, Brahim was changed. He was excited, confident and sure about his faith. They ended the visit by celebrating the Lord’s Supper and praying for more people to know the joy of a relationship with God through Jesus Christ.

Pray that God would strengthen Brahim and his roommate in their faith and use them as laborers in the harvest fields.

Gifts through the Cooperative Program and the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering support Southern Baptists who work among refugees such as Brahim from North Africa and the Middle East, helping new believers grow in their faith and share the Good News of God’s Word.

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*Names changed.

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