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REVIEW: O.C. Supertones produce memorable live recording

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (BP)–Live albums can be considered a great thing for the fans of a certain artist. Too often, however, the album is tossed into a closet and completely forgotten about after only a couple of listens.

The O.C. Supertones’ new release, Live! Volume One, is destined to become the rare live recording that fans will listen to over and over again.

The Supertones is one of those bands that excels in live performances and captures all the emotion and energy possible in their concerts. Their ska-based style is perfect for pumping up concert-goers and putting on a good show.

The beauty of Live! Vol. 1 is that it captures all of this energy and emotion and puts it onto one record.

The raw sound on the album creates an atmosphere that would likely make true fans of The Supertones start singing along with the songs as if they were at the concert themselves.

The live, concert feel is definitely evident throughout the entire album.

From the beginning the crowd starts chanting “Supertones” before the ska band takes the stage, opening with the upbeat classic “Unite.” The Tones sets the spirit of high-energy as lead singer Matt Morginsky leads the band trough such songs as “Resolution,” “What It Comes To,” “Grounded,” “Sure Shot,” “Jury Duty,” and the classics “Unknown,” and “Adonai.”

The Supertones switch moods into a more vertical and worship style with “Away From You” before three worship choruses, “You Are My King (Amazing Love),” “Holiness,” and “Open the Eyes of My Heart,” sung by Trumpet player Darren Mettler.

However, the album gains energy with “Little Man” and “Return of the Revolution.” The Supertones exit off stage while the crowd cheers frantically before the band comes back for an encore performance. Morginsky sings the acoustic “So Great A Salvation” and the band joins him for “Who Can Be Against Me” and ends with the fan favorite “Strike Back.”

The crowd noise is always heard too, not too loud, but just enough to let you know there’s an audience.

This is a great live recording that will not go unnoticed. I can only hope for a Live! Volume Two sometime in the future.

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  • Tim Harms