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SBTS Press publishes evangelism guide

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (BP) — SBTS Press, a division of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, has released a new book, “A Guide to Evangelism.” The fourth volume in SBTS Press’ guide book series debuted at the 2013 Southern Baptist Convention in Houston.

According to a new release from the seminary: “The apostle Peter instructs Christians to be ready to give a defense for their hope (1 Peter 3:15), and today’s cultural and religious landscape requires Christians to be ready to interact with a myriad of worldviews. A Guide to Evangelism prepares Christians for such a defense and interactions.”

In the his introduction, editor Dan DeWitt writes that he hopes the book not only serves Christians as a resource for fruitful evangelism, but also to “cultivate [the] craving” for spreading the Gospel.

In addition to DeWitt, dean of Southern Seminary’s Boyce College, contributors to the book include Boyce professors and staff Chad Brand, Brian Payne, Denny Burk, Jim Stitzinger, Troy Temple, Owen Strachan, Travis Kerns and John Klaassen.

The book is divided into two sections: “For the Church” and “For the Christian.”

The two sections include nine essays:

“Theological Incentives for Evangelism” by Brand.

“Preaching that Propagates” by Payne.

“Evangelism and Church Discipline” by Burk.

“A Witnessing Community” by Stitzinger.

“Evangelism to the Next Generation” by Temple.

“Evangelism to Nominal Christians” by Strachan.

“Evangelism to World Religions” by Kerns.

“Evangelism to Muslims” by Klaassen.

“Evangelism to Skeptics” by DeWitt.

A Guide to Evangelism is available from press.sbts.edu, Amazon.com and Southern’s Lifeway Campus Store. More information about the book and SBTS Press -— including the first, second and third volumes in the guide book series — is available at press.sbts.edu

The three previous SBTS Press guide books are “A Guide to Expository Ministry” (October 2012); “A Guide to Adoption and Orphan Care” (April 2012) and “A Guide to Biblical Manhood” (March 2011).
Reported by the communications staff of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.

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