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See You at the Pole: ‘a chance to step up’

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (BP)–“It’s a chance to step up and be an example for your peers,” high school senior Sarah Allen told her local newspaper.

Allen was among 90 students who witnessed to their faith the morning of Sept. 17 at a See You at the Pole gathering at Burns High School, the Shelby (N.C.) Star reported.

Final totals for this year’s participation aren’t in yet, but last year the event drew more than 2.5 million teens in all 50 states. Additionally, SYATP gatherings were reported on six continents last year.

“It is great that Christians can come together united this morning to worship God that made us,” Christina Fabian, a senior at Waxahachie (Texas) High School, told the Waxahachie Daily Light.

“We pray for things that are put in our hearts that need prayer — our country, our schools, our leaders and for boldness,” said Fabian, one of about 85 SYATP participants at the school Sept. 17. “I would like to thank God for what he has done in my life and for bringing me through.”

“It’s good that even the people just driving by can see what’s going on,” Joshua Ensey, a senior at Permian High School in Odessa, Texas, told the Odessa American. “They may become curious and ask what’s happening, and they’ll see Christians standing together.” Ensey, who has participated in See You at the Pole since he was a seventh-grader at Bowie Junior High, said he was praying for his school and his country. About 200 students gathered at the school for Sept. 17’s SYATP.

Permian High sophomore Candice Aley described the morning’s music and worship as “awesome” and said she’d like to see a daily campus activity for Christian fellowship. “We’re not supposed to be Christians only on Sunday or at See You at the Pole,” Aley said. “God isn’t just going to ask you what you did on Sunday. He wants to know what you did on Monday, too.”

“It’s really about the community of Christians in the school and to show everyone that we are Christians,” Andrew Timm, 16, a junior at Stevens Point (Wis.) Area Senior High told the Stevens Point Journal.

“It’s not easy to have everybody walk by you as they walk to school and see you pray,” said Timm, one of nearly 70 participants at Stevens Point. “Sometimes, we’re self-conscious. It really helps us to speak out at the pole.”

The grassroots See You at the Pole outreach began in Burleson, Texas, in 1990. The national website for See You at the Pole is www.syatp.com.
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