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State capitol prayer meeting set for Sept. 15 in Illinois

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (BP)–Illinois Baptist State Association Executive Director Bob Wiley has invited all Illinois Baptists to participate in a prayer event at the state capitol building Sept. 15.
The event will take place around 11 a.m., immediately following the meeting of IBSA’s board of directors in Springfield.
“It symbolizes what Max (Samples, director of evangelism services for IBSA) and I started last fall as we’ve sought to pray in every county, claiming the land for Christ,” Wiley said. “It enables Illinois Baptists to embrace and take to themselves the responsibility of seeking to win this state for Christ.”
Wiley has previously asked Illinois Baptists to join the “Harvest on the Prairie Prayer Network” to pray for evangelism and church-starting efforts in northern Illinois. Specifically, Wiley has asked Illinois Baptists to pray:
— that God will strengthen the leadership of existing churches;
— that God will enable all churches of their particular community to reach people for Christ;
— for God to raise up persons among unreached peoples in that community who are anxious to have the gospel preached and new congregations formed;
— that God will raise up persons who will be the leaders and founders of churches in their particular communities;
— that Illinois Baptists will be willing to join God as they seek to know where he is at work throughout northern Illinois.
The state capitol prayer event will focus on many of the same areas, Wiley said.
The event is open to all evangelical Christians, Wiley said, and not merely Southern Baptists. He has invited the executive director of the state American Baptist organization to take part in the event, and he’s hoping other Illinois Baptists will invite fellow Christians to participate.
The prayer meeting is strictly a “spiritual journey,” Wiley said, and not a political event. He said the needs before Illinois Baptists are great, and prayer is a powerful weapon.
“We realize our country’s in trouble,” Wiley said. “Illinois is in the heartland of our country. We really need to pray for our political leaders.”
Wiley is strongly encouraging pastors and church members to travel to Springfield to take part in the prayer meeting. “It’s worth their making the trip,” he said.
“Of all the things we can do, the most effective thing we can do is to pray,” Wiley said. “Of all the things we can do as a state association, this may be one of the strongest statements we can make.”

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