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States celebrate Cooperative Program gains

Georgia Baptists gather at an annual meeting last November in Snellville. They gave $36 million to support missionaries through the Cooperative Program last year. Photo by Henry Durand/Christian Index

NASHVILLE (BP) – A record contribution through the Cooperative Program from one state convention reflects gains others have experienced in gifts received through Southern Baptists’ primary missions-supporting mechanism.

January 2024 CP receipts of just over $3 million in the Kentucky Baptist Convention surpassed the previous record of $2.7 million set in January 2009, reported Kentucky Today.

Meanwhile, North Carolina’s 2 percent CP increase reported in 2023 preceded celebrations over other giving milestones.

In addition to the $29 million given through the Cooperative Program, data released Jan. 10 showed that more than $15 million was given to the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering for International Missions and more than $7 million to the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering, the Biblical Recorder said. More than $2.3 million went to the state missions offering.

All reflect record highs.

“Generosity is contagious and so is stinginess,” North Carolina state executive Todd Unzicker told Baptist Press. “North Carolina Baptist churches want to fulfill the Great Commission and are showing that with where they put their dollars.

“They voted to give away more than ever before as a convention, and God answered that with record giving. The old adage ‘you can’t outgive God’ can easily be seen here in North Carolina. The churches’ giving reflects a true On Mission Together movement happening here.”

Georgia Baptists also marked $36 million in 2023 given through CP, The Christian Index reported, and learned of a projected 4.2 percent increase “in overall budgeted funding for the Cooperative Program.”

That amount would be the largest projected increase in more than 25 years, the report said. 

“The desire of Georgia Baptists is to partner with all Southern Baptists everywhere to reach the world for Christ,” said Georgia Baptist executive director Thomas Hammond.

Kentucky also reported dramatic increases in its Lottie Moon and Annie Armstrong missions offerings from December to January. Three weeks during the month rank as the highest weekly totals of any week since September, when the fiscal year began. The third week brought $840,060, the highest weekly total of the year.

“We are overwhelmed by the kindness of God demonstrated through the generosity of Kentucky Baptists,” said Todd Gray, KBC executive director. “A record Cooperative Program giving month means that our people will be cared for and lost people will be reached. CP dollars sent month after month by Kentucky Baptist churches fund the work of those who are advancing the Gospel as well as those who are caring for our Gospel workers.”