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Top news stories reflect world in need of prayer

RICHMOND, Va. (BP)–Headlines can be turned into prayer times.
For example, key international news stories that made various top-10 lists during 1997, reflect a world in need of prayer:
— Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping dies; President Jiang Zemin consolidates power.
— Haze from burning forests and El Nino chokes Southeast Asia.
— Famine strikes North Korea.
— Muslim militants massacre civilians in Algeria.
— Asian economic chaos shakes world markets.
— Hong Kong returns to Chinese rule.
— Mideast peace efforts stall.
— Iraq defies United Nations, United States.
— Violence, political struggle continue in Africa.
While these events unfolded, most Americans closely followed only two international stories in 1997, according to the Pew Research Center: the Iraq dispute, which threatened to involve American forces — and the death of Princess Diana.
(Source: World Press Review survey, March 1998)