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In addition to the sex abuse prevention resources posted on the Executive Committee's sbc.net, many Baptist state conventions have posted resources on their Web sites as well. State conventions have offered or are offering the following types of helps to their affiliated churches.

1 Most state conventions have designated a state convention employee or an office of convention ministry to assist individuals or churches who desire to develop policies, find resources, or take other appropriate steps to safeguard the children under their care.

2 Many state conventions have conducted training seminars with churches and/or associations to help highlight steps to safeguard children. These have included presentations on risk management by insurance carriers, conferences led by certified counselors in the area of sex abuse and prevention, training events conducted by age-graded specialists, and breakout sessions at church-health conferences. Several states have upcoming training events already scheduled on their 2008-2009 calendar. Others stand ready to provide additional training at the associational level or local church level upon request.

3 Several state conventions have entered into contractual agreements with companies that specialize in candidate screening. These companies charge nominal fees to do background checks through multiple venues to assure, as much as is possible, that prospective staff and volunteers have no criminal record in their past. Churches in these states receive discounts when they make use of these contracted vendors.

4 More and more of our affiliated state conventions are cross-referencing their Web-based resources with the resources posted on www.sbc.net/localchurches/ministryhelp.asp, the sex abuse prevention link on the Executive Committee's sbc.net. With these cross-referenced resources, local churches should be more fully equipped to create safe environments for the preschoolers, children, and teenagers entrusted to their care by their parents.

To find the resources your state convention may already provide, feel free to check your state convention Web site or call your state convention office staff.



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Caring for Sexually Abused Children: A Handbook for Families and Churches
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A Healing Marriage: Biblical Help for Overcoming Childhood Sexual Abuse
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The Wounded Heart: Hope for Adult Victims of Childhood Sexual Abuse
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Released from Bondage
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