The Season of North American Missions

The Season of Home Missions is a special time for a church wide emphasis on North American missions and consists of four elements.

North American Missions Study

This year's theme of Start Something New in Ministry will be vividly illustrated for every age group in the local church by the North American Mission Study focusing on the Mississippi River Ministry. MRM is a cooperative effort of seven state Baptist conventions to minister to the physical and spiritual needs of persons living along the lower Mississippi. The suggested dates for the study are February 15-18, however, churches can schedule the study when it is most convenient and beneficial to their members.

Week of Prayer for North American Missions

This is an eight-day emphasis when local churches focus on North American missions. Southern Baptists will pray for renewed missions commitment, for specific missionaries, for increased financial support and evangelism, and for their own involvement in missions. The Week of Prayer offers a variety of involvement opportunities for the entire church family. The suggested dates for the Week of Prayer are March 1-8.

Home Missions Day in Sunday School

The 1998 Home Missions Day in Sunday School challenges Sunday School members of all ages to see their individual responsibility to witness and minister – to pray, to go, and to give to missions. This annual event helps expand the involvement in and concern for missions beyond those who participate in church missions organizations to everyone who attends Sunday School. The suggested date is March 8.

Annie Armstrong Easter Offering

The AAEO presents the opportunity for Southern Baptists to respond in a tangible way to all they have seen and heard during the Season of North American Missions. Church members will become aware of the vital link between their significant financial gifts and the health and effectiveness of the missions work.



Annie Armstrong Easter Offering Allocations

For support of missionaries and field ministries: $ 23,073,032
Evangelism: $ 4,938,080
Church Starting: $ 3,938,042
Christian Social Ministries: $ 1,325,808
Volunteer Mobilization: $ 1,558,912
Missions Education: $ 1,981,157
Communication Technology: $ 4,878,432
Associational Missions: $ 278,003
Disaster Relief: $ 86,534
1998 Goal: $ 42,000,000



Who's Who on the Mission Field

The North American Mission Board's 4,679 missions personnel are appointed to a variety of categories and divisions of work. They serve in all fifty states, the Caribbean, American Samoa, Guam, and Canada. The number of personnel serving in each area is:

Church Starting: 2,884
Evangelism: 1,241
Associational Missions: 541
Other: 13

Included in the total are Mission Service Corps volunteers who have served more than two years. Not included in the missionary count are nearly 2,500 Southern Baptist-endorsed chaplains who serve around the world.



Cost of Operating the North American Mission Board

Total 1998 Budget: $ 111,600,000
Cost per month (12): $ 9,300,000
Cost per week (52): $ 2,146,000
Cost per day (365): $ 305,753
Cost per hour (8,760): $ 12,739
Cost per minute (525,600): $ 212

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