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State Convention Roundup

SBC CP percentages are listed first with state percentages following.


President: Leon Ballard, pastor; York Baptist Church; York, Ala.

CP percentages: 42.3% / 57.7%

Resolutions: Opposition to religious persecution; NEA; affirmation on display of Ten Commandments; religious expression in public schools


President: Wally Smith, pastor; Faith Baptist Church; Fairbanks, Alaska

CP percentages: 33% / 67%

Resolutions: Re-affirming 1996 resolution to boycott Disney Corporation; commended senators for bills banning "partial birth abortion" and requiring parental consent for abortion on a minor in Alaska; recognizing home-schooling as a legitimate form of education and allowing home-schooled children the use of publicly funded facilities; setting aside first Thursday of May each year as Day of Prayer in Alaska, in conjunction with the National Day of Prayer

Noteworthy: Voted to establish partnership between Alaska Baptists and Far East Russia in 1998


President: David Johnson, pastor; First Southern Baptist Church; Phoenix, Ariz.

CP percentages: 20 / 80%

Preferred items: Portraits (first $120,000 under the advance budget)

Resolutions: Noted the rapid population growth in the state and expressed "our hearts desire" for every person to have opportunity to respond to the Gospel of Jesus Christ and have a God honoring, biblically based, local church family within driving distance of their residence


President: Greg Kirksey, pastor; First Baptist Church; Benton, Ark.

CP percentages: 41.77% / 58.23%

Resolutions: On sanctity of human life; affirming the ministry of the Baptist World Alliance; on aiding the poor


President: Roger Spradlin, pastor; Valley Baptist Church; Bakersfield, Calif.

CP percentages: 29% / 71%

Noteworthy: Voted to accept Strategy Planning Team Report for restructure of CSBC


President: James Vaughn, DOM; Grand Valley Baptist Association; Grand Junction, Colo.

CP percentages: 29% / 71%

Resolutions: Appreciation to CBGC Executive Director and staff for leadership, direction, and vision; appreciation to volunteers providing disaster relief in the Ft. Collins flood; appreciation for those who supported Proposition 11


President: Garvon Golden, pastor; First Baptist Church; Williston, N.D.

CP percentages: 14% / 86%

Resolutions: Appreciation for the funds and work provided by the Florida Baptist Convention; appreciation to DSBF staff for disaster relief in Grand Forks and Fargo


President: John Munson, layman; First Baptist Church; Silver Spring, Md.

CP percentages: 33% / 67%*

Noteworthy: Voted to affiliate also with the Progressive National Baptist Convention


President: Jerry B. Garrard, pastor; Celebration Baptist Church; Tallahassee, Fla.

CP percentages: 40% / 60%

Noteworthy: Brought bylaws and constitution into compliance with Florida Non-Profit law


President: Frank Cox, pastor; North Metro First Baptist Church; Lawrenceville, Ga.

CP percentages: 50% / 50%

Preferred items: 12.12% as "Shared Responsibilities" planned and funded by GBC

Resolutions: Against Georgia lottery; against legalized gambling; appreciation to state government leadership enactment of legislation making partial-birth abortion illegal in Georgia; opposing state legislation abolishing the Georgia laws prohibiting adultery and sodomy; against religious persecution


President: George Moyer, layman; Hawaii Kai Baptist Church; Honolulu, Hawaii

CP percentages: 31.5% / 68.5%

Resolutions: Opposing legalized gambling; supporting efforts to call attention to and support the persecuted church around the world

Noteworthy: Voted to change the name of the Hawaii Baptist Convention to the Hawaii Pacific Baptist Convention


President: Eugene Gibson, pastor; Mission of Faith Baptist Church; Chicago, Ill.

CP percentages: 40.75% / 59.25%

Resolutions: Opposing gambling; concerning ministry to the poor in light of welfare reform

Noteworthy: Established the Baptist Foundation of Illinois Board of Trustees and a Baptist Children's Home Board of Trustees separate from the IBSA Board of Directors


President: John Rogers, pastor; Eastlake Baptist Church; Crown Point, Ind.

CP percentages: 32.25% / 67.75%

Resolutions: On covenant marriages


President: John Shaull, pastor; First Baptist Church; Winterset, Iowa

CP percentages: 24% / 76%

Resolutions: Appreciation to Arkansas Baptists for their continued partnership and extravagant giving for the sake of the gospel ministry in Iowa; support for Bulgarian Mission Ministries of Arkansas Baptists; support of Southern Baptist Missions Ministries in the Gaza Strip


President: Don Lacy, pastor; Calvary Baptist Church; Valley Center, Kan.

CP percentages: 31% / 69%


President: Gayle Toole, pastor; Edgewood Baptist Church; Nicholasville, Ky.

CP percentages: 35% / 65%

Preferred items: Any cost of the Church Annuity Plan in excess of its budget amount will be considered a priority item in the budget and funded by deducting the balance from the allocations to the institutions and agencies and the Executive Board appropriation in proportion to each one's approved share of the total distributable funds received for this budget year

Resolutions: Supporting Partial-Birth Abortion Ban; against gambling


President: Bob Anderson, layman; Parkview Baptist Church; Baton Rouge, La.

CP percentages: 35% / 65%

Resolutions: On Louisiana Moral & Civic Foundation; covenant marriage; partial-birth abortion; alcohol culture in Louisiana; genetic technology & cloning; HIV/AIDS; Christian persecution; gambling; Religious Freedom Restoration Act; Moral & Social Concerns Advisory Committees


President: Gary Glanville, pastor; Northwest Baptist Church; Reisterstown, Md.

CP percentages: 41% / 59%

Preferred items: Expanded annuity

Resolutions: Against homosexual behavior; same-sex marriages; domestic partner benefits; pornography; partial-birth abortion; gambling; condom distribution in schools; violence; teaching evolution in schools; zoning laws that hinder churches


President: Ray Shelton, pastor; Friendship Baptist Church; Lincoln Park, Mich.

CP percentages: 25% / 75%

Resolutions: Support of the Disney boycott; support the repeal of state Proposal E which allows casino gambling; encourage every association, church, and church member to be involved in the Celebrate Jesus 2000 emphasis

Noteworthy: Celebrated 40th anniversary


President: Phil Smith, layman; Glen Lake Baptist Church; Minnetonka, Minn.

CP percentages: 26% / 74%

Resolutions: On International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church; persecution and religious freedom of Jews


President: Dean Register, pastor; Temple Baptist Church; Hattiesburg, Miss.

CP percentages: 37% / 63%

Preferred items: Within SBC portion, $257,926 is retained by Mississippi for home mission work in Mississippi

Resolutions: On persecuted Christians; 25th anniversary of Roe v. Wade; encouraging worship above entertainment


President: Wendell Page, pastor; First Baptist Church; Lee's Summit, Mo.

CP percentages: 35.75% / 58.25%

Preferred items: 6% for joint SBC/MBC causes planned and funded by MBC

Resolutions: Commended Missouri Baptists' four institutions of higher learning; support for the proposed Religious Liberty and Charitable Donation Protection Act in Congress; opposition to religious persecution; support for Belarus partnership


President: B. J. Hallmark, pastor; Crossroads Memorial Church; Great Falls, Mont.

CP percentages: 22% / 78%

Preferred items: Annuity and Stewardship Promotion


President: Joe Taylor, pastor; South Reno Baptist Church; Reno, Nev.

CP percentages: 26.75% / 73.25%


President: Randy Fearon, pastor; Fellowship Baptist Church; Hanover, Mass.

CP percentages: 21% / 79%

Preferred items: Church Annuity Plan Allocation

Resolutions: To pray for persecuted churches


President: Tim Marrow, pastor; Taylor Ranch Baptist Church; Albuquerque, N.M.

CP percentages: 30.5% / 69.9%

Preferred items: Insurance for retired administrative staff; convention portion of pastor's retirement

Resolutions: Opposing all forms of gambling; advertising for beverage alcohol; abortion; assisted suicide; the negative influences of the entertainment industry; supporting "options regarding origins"


President: James Guenther, pastor; Trinity Baptist Church; Niskayuna, N.Y.

CP percentages: 24% / 76%


President: Mac Brunson, pastor; Green Street Baptist Church; High Point, N.C.

CP percentages: 32% / 68%*

Resolutions: Supporting the North Carolina Initiative to reduce underage drinking

Noteworthy: Election of new executive director-treasurer, James Royston


President: Don Reeves, pastor; Grant Avenue Baptist Church; Corvallis, Ore.

CP percentages: 31% / 69%

Preferred items: State convention building debt reduction

Resolutions: Promoting and strengthening biblical standards of moral and ethical health in communities by committing to live by these standards; voting for candidates and legislation that support the family and the sanctity of life

Noteworthy: The 50th meeting for the regional convention, launching a Year of Jubilee that will culminate at the 1998 annual meeting with a NAMB-sponsored commissioning service for up to ninety new North American missionaries


President: Ron Mitchell, pastor; First Baptist Church; Huber Heights, Ohio

CP percentages: 40% / 60%

Resolutions: On partnership with Israel, West Bank, and Gaza; increased emphasis on evangelism and missions through Celebrate Jesus 2000


President: Ted Kersh, pastor; Village Baptist Church; Oklahoma City, Okla.

CP percentages: 40% / 60%

Resolutions: Opposing gambling in any form

Noteworthy: Approval of three-year partnership with the Baptist Convention of Malawi


President: Pat Colladay, pastor; Dallas Baptist Church; Dallas, Pa.

CP percentages: 23.50% / 76.50%

Resolutions: Urging prayer for persecuted Christians and calling on government to speak out for the cause of religious liberty


President: David Gallamore, pastor; Rock Springs Baptist Church; Easley, S.C.

CP percentages: 40% / 60%

Preferred items: Expanded church annuity plan — cost shared between SBC and SCBC

Resolutions: Opposing legalized gambling; saluting the seventy-five years of Baptist student ministry

Noteworthy: Launched a three-year foreign missions partnership with Romania


President: Doug Sager, pastor; First Baptist Church-Concord; Knoxville, Tenn.

CP percentages: 37.5 % / 62.5%

Preferred items: Expanded church annuity plan — cost shared between SBC and TBC

Resolutions: Opposing gambling; religious persecution


President: Russell H. Dilday, Jr., member; Travis Avenue Baptist Church; Ft. Worth, Texas

CP percentages: 33% / 67%*

Resolutions: Against Religious Persecution; protecting our missionaries by honoring the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations; protection of financial contributions from bankruptcy judgment; supporting religious liberty; against gambling machines; supporting Hope for Home; supporting bivocational ministers


President: Steve Best, pastor; Calvary Baptist Church; Boise, Idaho

CP percentages: 21% / 79%

Noteworthy: Celebrated debt free status recently achieved; will enter two-year prayer covenant with the Baptist Society of Gaza and the West Bank


President: Bill Wilson, pastor; First Baptist Church; Waynesboro, Va.

CP percentages: 36% / 64%*

Resolutions: Reaffirming the sanctity of human life, including fetal life; to pray for government leaders


President: Terry Harper, pastor; Colonial Heights Baptist Church; Colonial Heights, Va.

CP percentages: 50% / 50%

Resolutions: On ordination and the role of women in ministry; opposition to religious persecution; support for Disney boycott


President: Mark McClung, pastor; Southern Baptist Fellowship; Summersville, W.Va.

CP percentages: 35.5% / 64.5%

Resolutions: Opposing further expansion of legalized gambling


President: Jim Starr, layman; Emmanuel Baptist Church; Rock Springs, Wyo.

CP percentages: 29% / 71%


The Cooperative Program percentages above reflect what the messengers of each state convention approved for 1998. In some cases, however, they may not reflect what the SBC Cooperative Program will actually receive due to adjustments for "Preferred Items."

* Represents one of multiple giving options, some of which may reduce or eliminate the SBC Cooperative Program percentage.

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