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State Convention Roundup

President: Fred Lackey, pastor, FBC, Athens, AL
CP percentages: 57.7% state/42.3% SBC
Resolutions: For the biblical model of the family and against the National Education Association's pro-homosexual stance; against tobacco use and gambling
Noteworthy: Returned financial management to University of Mobile trustees; voted to fund Samford despite changing charter to self-perpetuating trustees

President: Tim Clark, pastor, FBC, Palmer, AK
CP percentages: 67%/33%
Noteworthy: Elected Cloyd R. Sullins new executive director

President: David Butler, layman, Sabino Road BC, Tucson, AZ
CP percentages: 82%/ 18%
Resolutions: affirming SBC's resolution on racial reconciliation; restating SBC resolution on religious liberty and world evangelization
Noteworthy: Elected Steve Bass new executive director

President: Rex Horne,
pastor, Immanuel BC, Little Rock, AR
CP percentages: 58.23%/ 41.77%
Resolutions: opposing pornography, alcohol and other drugs, gambling; affirming SBC
resolution of racial reconciliation

President: Harry Lewis, pastor, Immanuel BC, Ridgecrest, CA
CP percentages: 71%/29%
Resolutions: condemning abortion; opposing women pastors; affirming SBC resolution on racial reconciliation; asking SBC to protect the state's representation on SBC boards and agencies

President: Davis C. Cooper, pastor, University Hill BC, Denver, CO
CP percentages: 71.5%/ 28.5%
Resolution: on racial reconciliation

Dakota Fellowship
President: Phillip Fike, pastor, Westside BC, Rapid City, SD
CP percentages: 84%/ 16%

District of Columbia
President: Mattie Robinson, layperson, Shiloh BC, DC
CP percentages: 71%/29%

President: Ted Traylor, pastor, Olive BC, Pensacola, FL
CP percentages: 59%/41%
Resolutions: opposing casino gambling
Noteworthy: Voiced concern over Disney decisions that erode family values; severed 112-year tie with Stetson

President: John O. Yarbrough, pastor, FBC, Perry, GA
CP percentages: 50%/50% (after 10% to "shared responsibilities" )
Resolutions: supporting state law making it hard for minors to buy lottery tickets; urging action to prohibit billboard advertising for adult entertainment

President: Paul Kaneshiro, pastor, Pukalani BC, Maui, HI
CP percentages: To be determined
Resolutions: opposing legalized gambling; affirming heterosexual marriages as biblical man-date and the biblical prohibition against taking innocent human life

President: Roger Ellsworth, pastor, Immanuel BC, Benton, IL
CP percentages: 59.25%/ 40.75%

President: Steve Marcum, pastor, Graceland BC, New Albany, IN
CP percentages: 67.75%/ 32.25%
Resolutions: opposing legalized gambling; appealing to elected officials to refuse Medicaid funding for abortion

President: Ed Gregory, pastor, Immanuel BC, Cedar Rapids, IA
CP percentages: 78%/ 22%
Noteworthy: Officially organized the Baptist Convention of Iowa

President: Neal Alford, pastor, FBC, Douglass, KS
CP percentages: 70%/30%

President: Bill Techenor, pastor, FBC, Princeton, KY
CP percentages: 63%/37%
Resolutions: supporting WMU, the Cooperative Program and Western Recorder Editor Marv Knox (now in Texas); opposing casino gambling; noting the roots of Arminianism and Calvinism in Baptist heritage

President: Michael Claunch, pastor, FBC, Slidell, LA
CP percentages: 65%/35%
Resolutions: denouncing domestic violence; opposing legalized gambling and abortion; applauding legislators who vote in line with Louisiana Baptists
Noteworthy: Election of conservative president who has campaigned for change at the state convention's only Baptist college

President: Dallas Bumgarner, pastor, Elvaton BC, Glen Burnie, MD
CP percentages: 59%/41%
Resolutions: opposing legalized gambling, homosexuality; supporting the sanctity of human life

President: Bob Galey, pastor, Oakland Woods BC, Clarkston, MI
CP percentages: 68%/32%
Resolutions: affirming SBC resolution on racial reconciliation

President: Glen Land, pastor, Valley BC, Appleton, WI
CP percentages: 74%/26%
Resolution: on racial reconciliation

President: Jimmy Porter, pastor, FBC, McComb, MS
CP percentages: 63%/37%
Resolutions: opposing late-term abortions, gambling, nude and topless dancing establishments, loosening of divorce laws; supporting better preparation for marriage through counseling and respect for Sunday as a day of worship

President: Doyle Sager, pastor, FBC, Sedalia, MO
CP percentages: 58.25%/ 37.75%

Montana Fellowship
President: James Shaver, pastor, FSBC, Great Falls, MT
CP percentages: 78%/22%

President: Keith Minty, layman, Nellis BC, Las Vegas, NV
CP percentages: 73.75%/ 26.25%

New England
President: Richard Wright, pastor, Faith BC, Warwick, RI
CP percentages: 79%/21%

New Mexico
President: Tom Martin, pastor, FBC, Hobbs, NM
CP percentages: 69.5%/ 30.5%
New York
President: Sam Simpson, pastor, Wake Eden BC, Bronx, NY
CP percentages: 73.25%/ 26.75%

North Carolina
President: Gregory T. Mathis, pastor, Creek BC, Hendersonville, NC
CP percentages: 68%/32% (1 of 3 plans, all 3 allot 68% to state, but vary in % to SBC and CBF)
Noteworthy: Election of conservative president

President: Terry Little, pastor, Pines BC, Spokane, WA
CP percentages: 69%/31%

President: John Hays, pastor, Jersey BC, Pataskala, OH
CP percentages: 60%/40%

President: Charles Graves, pastor, Quail Springs BC, Oklahoma City. OK
CP percentages: 60%/40%
Resolutions: commending all agencies responding to the Oklahoma City bombing; opposing casino gambling

Pennsylvania-South Jersey
President: George Sanders, pastor, FSBC, Altoona, PA
CP percentages: 77%/23%
Resolutions: opposed gambling and the taking of human life

South Carolina
President: James "Skip" Owens, pastor, Pinecrest BC, Charleston, SC
CP percentages: 60%/40%
Resolutions: opposing gambling and the National Education Association's stand on homosexuality; supporting the saving of marriages

President: Ken Hubbard, pastor, FBC, Smyrna, TN
CP percentages: 62.5%/ 37.5%
Resolution: affirming the WMU

President: Charles Wade, pastor, FBC, Arlington, TX
CP percentages: 67%/33%
Resolutions: affirming First Amendment guarantees of religious liberty; opposing gambling; and expressing concern about racism, substance abuse and dysfunctional families

President: Dan Walker, pastor, University BC, Boise, ID
CP percentages: 79%/21%

President: Clint Hopkins, pastor, Churchland BC,
Chesapeake, VA
CP percentages: 64%/36%
Resolutions: opposing a religious equality amendment to US Constitution and tuition tax credits; affirming WMU

West Virginia
President: David Jicka, pastor, Highland BC, Huntington, WV
CP percentages: 70.5%/ 29.5% (1997 – 65/35)
Resolution: opposing legalized gambling

President: Wayne Spencer, pastor, College Heights BC, Casper, WY
CP percentages: 71.5%/ 28.5%

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