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Targeting Teens

The following is excerpted from a July, 1999 newsletter from Youths Against the Promotion of Homosexuality.

It's obvious that the Warner Brothers network is using Dawson's Creek, as well as other shows, to promote homosexuality as a normal, variant of human sexuality, especially to teenagers. Some evidence:

• Some producers openly acknowledge they have an agenda with their gay characters; that is, to make viewers, particularly young ones, more tolerant of the lifestyle. (Honolulu Advertiser, March 4, 1999)

• "I think our feeling is, the more you can present alternative lifestyles as normal and acceptable by characters, the more you break down those barriers." (P.K. Simonds, producer of Fox's Party of Five, The Advocate, April 27, 1999).

• They're young, they're gay, get tuned to it. Through the closet door flung open by Ellen two years ago, a small battalion of young homosexual characters are streaming into TV's most-talked-about dramas. (TV Guide, May 1, 1999)

• In a February episode, WB's Felicity considers marrying her "gay" boss, so he won't get deported, and supports her new boyfriend whose brother is coming out of the closet. A May episode features Elena and Sean creating a gay-inclusive documentary … Felicity's co-creator J.J. Abrams says, "…In a way what's good about stuff like this is that the more these stories are out there and the more homosexuality is portrayed in episodic television, the more it becomes a non issue." (The Advocate, April 27, 1999)

• A February episode of WB's Buffy the Vampire Slayer hinted that Buffy's friend, Willow, will come out as a lesbian. (The Advocate, April 27, 1999)

• Kevin Williamson, homosexual activist and creator of Dawson's Creek, said from the very beginning that he planned to have a homosexual character (Jack), since the show is heavily autobiographical. Williamson says Jack may quarterback the high school football team next season. (New York Daily News, February 18, 1999)

• "We're definitely going to explore the dating scene next year." (Actor Kerr Smith saying that Jack, the homosexual teen he plays on Dawson's Creek, will begin dating other guys. TV Guide, April 1, 1999)

• "This whole thing is just ridiculous. There's no such thing as gay anyway. That's just a weird label that people come up with to persecute the normal inclination to go both ways. We're all bisexual, don't you think? We're all just sexual animals under God. The puritanical society would make you think our natural impulses are something to be ashamed of, when it's really those kinds of attitudes that are the embarrassment." (Abby speaking to Jack as he struggles with homosexual desires/feelings on March 3 episode of Dawson's Creek.)

• This new Dawson development is also expected to create a path for other teen shows, such as Popular, a series in development now at The WB in which teen characters explore same-sex sexuality. (New York Daily News, February 18, 1999)

• It's also obvious that WB wholeheartedly supports these pro-homosexual themes in their programming. Their network spokesperson, Brad Turell said, "… This was the creative vision of J.J. Abrams and Kevin Williamson … We supported it 100 percent." (The Advocate, April 27, 1999)

This is nothing more than a bold attempt to normalize homosexuality in America. It's outrageous that WB is trying to influence young people – many of them confused about their sexual feelings and desires – into thinking that homosexual behavior is healthy and normal. By doing so, innocent young adults may start experimenting with homosexual behavior, which could be devastating to them.

Youths Against the Promotion of Homosexuality advocates a concerted effort among teenagers to sway the Warner Brothers Network through a letter writing campaign directed towards the network and advertisers. For more information, contact Youths Against the Promotion of Homosexuality at (808) 523-7739 or email at [email protected].



Homosexuality and the Classroom

About 150 teachers and administrators from elite private schools in Maryland and the District of Columbia gathered recently at the Maritime Institute for an all-day conference aimed at guiding educators on how to bring homosexual-affirming programs into their schools. Among the strategies they advocate to encourage students to adopt positive notions about homosexuality are:

• Holding classroom discussions about alternative families, including those with homosexual parents.

• Promoting gay-inclusive and anti-homophobia curricula.

• Encouraging homosexual teachers to be open about their sexual orientation in class.

• Using teachable moments to guide young school kids into politically correct attitudes about homosexuality.

Human Events, May 21, 1999

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