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Determined duo charts territory for mission work in Nigeria

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Clint and Harriet Bowman, IMB missionaries in Nigeria, study a map on the wall of their home reflecting their research into about 200 people groups in West Africa.
NIGERIA, West Africa (BP)--Abruptly, the white Toyota truck turns off Bauchi Highway. For a moment, it stops. With a hand-held Garmin GPS system, Harriet Bowman picks up latitude-longitude readings from five satellites.
      “Left the highway,” she prints in her black notebook.
      With frequent GPS readings, Harriet and her husband Clint later will plot newly discovered villages on a handmade map at home.

Nigerian gardener plants churches for Christ

NIGERIA, West Africa (BP)--Newly formed Zion Baptist Church meets in a clearing near the chief’s compound in Nigeria’s Bauchi State. On a recent Sunday he greeted Harriet Bowman and her 12-year-old son, James, with these words: “The house that does not receive strangers is not a blessed house. As we receive you, our strangers, we are blessed.”

Trailblazers carry their faith to the Hausa of Nigeria

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Using a heavy wooden stick, a Hausa woman pounds grain in a village near Zaria, Nigeria. There are approximately 280,000 known Christians among the 30 million Hausa.
NIGERIA, West Africa (BP)--David* is intrigued by big ideas and how to make them work. Until his junior year in college, studying to become an astronaut, his plan was to explore a moonscape or two.
      But as things sometimes happen, across that career path walked a guy with Campus Crusade for Christ. As the two discussed what God might have in store for David’s life, the Crusade staffer suggested the engineering degree also could be put to good use on a remote part of this planet. It was an idea that interested David.
      “A year later, I was seriously considering it,” he recounts.
      As he broached the idea with Rachel*, the young nursing student in his life, she agreed -– and they began to explore the possibility of serving in a faraway place, perhaps Indonesia or Africa.

Amid W. Africa’s nomadic Fulani, veterinarian calls for prayer

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A Fulani boy assists two Fulani cattlemen while Southern Baptist missionary Mike Houser (center) treats a cow for sleeping sickness as a way of opening doors for the Gospel.
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The Fulani of Nigeria, West Africa, are primarily nomadic cattlemen who consider themselves to be “keepers of the torch of Islam.”
NIGERIA, West Africa (BP)--The Fulani herder grabs a large bull by its sharply pointed horns, then, slipping one thumb in the animal’s mouth, firmly rotates its head to the side and holds it. The sleek, white animal is hobbled, his tail twitching. Yero* (YEH-row) passes a syringe to veterinarian Mike Houser, who makes the injection, then quickly pops the animal on the rump. The owner adds a red mark to its hide and they move on.
      Houser, a missionary with the International Mission Board, and his ministry partner, Yero, treat animals in Nigeria’s Kaduna state. This day, they started at 8 a.m. with Yero’s quiet prayer of blessing for the owners and their herds. Before noon they will be finished.

Global prayer networks resulting from YouthLink 2000 preparation

HOUSTON (BP)–Focused intercessory prayer for the nation’s young people has become one of the early ancillary benefits of YouthLink 2000 — the millennial event for an estimated 200,000 youth ages 13-22 in seven major cities across the country. The 30th of each month has been set aside for prayer and fasting related to the event, […]

YouthLink 2000 advance planning locks up valuable millennial venues

ALPHARETTA, Ga. (BP)–First MTV, then the Church of Scientology requested space last year for new millennium celebrations at the Tampa Ice Palace, a beautiful venue overlooking Tampa Bay. Because YouthLink 2000 already had the 20,000 capacity dome under contract, each group was turned away. As the dawn of the millennium approaches, the foresight of YouthLink […]

Live satellite links with Israel part of YouthLink technology

JERUSALEM (BP)–Randy Horenstein stands in the courtyard of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, scanning the sky with a small, silvery instrument that’s part compass, part inclinometer. From the readings he takes — direction and measurements of trees, walls and other obstacles overhead — he makes a quick sketch. At the moment, his job is […]

Pick up a pen, nurture a Christian in former Soviet Union countries

DALLAS (BP)–When Charleene Briggs opened her mailbox in suburban Dallas, she found a package carefully wrapped with twine and brown paper, with the corners sealed by red wax. The package postmark: Dagestan, Russia. The name Lukina Ljudmila was on the return address. Inside, Briggs discovered a black, fringed shawl with lovely red roses in each […]

Program for China-U.S. pen pals passes 9,000-match milestone

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (BP)–As educators John and Frances Carter conducted English workshops for Chinese teachers five years ago, they got an interesting request. Could you recruit American students to correspond with mine? The teacher — from the Anhui Province — believed it would be a lively way for Chinese students to hone English skills. Carter, who […]

Mother of shooting victim finds strength to endure

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (BP)–It’s the message no mother wants to hear. But when Candice Hoskins checked her answering machine that Friday in December 1995 — just an hour after her 23-year-old son Billy and a friend had gone out for the evening — there it was: “Candy, Candy, there has been an accident … .” Hoskins […]