Emily Stockton

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Singleness: ‘Magnetic pull’ of missions prevails

RICHMOND, Va. (BP) -- When I first felt called to the mission field, I didn't give much thought to whether I'd serve as a single or as a wife. I was only 11, after all. I just knew Jesus offered salvation, people needed to hear about it, and I wanted to go tell them. With laser focus, I prepared for life as a missionary. I involved myself in church outreach, attended college and seminary, satisfied work requirements, and met every condition the mission board had for new workers.

In Chinese city, millions ready ‘to believe’

CHENGDU, China (BP) -- The waitress clears empty dishes from the table at a work banquet when Carter Hubbs*, a Christian in China's western city of Chengdu, turns to a co-worker seated near him and decides to find out where the man is spiritually.

In Taipei, parade of idols sparks prayer

EDITOR’S NOTE: With more than half of the world’s population now living in cities, Baptist Press is taking a multi-part look at a number of the world’s major metropolises, such as Taipei, Taiwan. The series by International Mission Board writers, which is appearing each Wednesday in BP, will highlight the multiple people groups living side […]

Shanghai: trend-setting ‘doorway to China’

SHANGHAI, China (BP) -- Madison Zhang*, 27, hangs on to the subway's overhead belt, trying to keep her balance as the train constantly starts and stops for passengers. The young professional's two-hour one-way commute to her government job requires her to travel by foot, bus and subway.

Shanghai’s elderly wary from years of tumult

SHANGHAI (BP) -- Shanghai native Yan Hua* cannot forget the life lessons seared into her memory.       Yan was 22 in 1957 when the Chinese government held its "Hundred Flowers Campaign." During its few short weeks, citizens were given rights to free speech. ...

A Chinese woman’s poverty, an American woman’s heart

CHINA (BP) -- "Your dog lives better than my daughter and I do," Lu Wei Hong* says.       She isn't angry; she's just stating the facts. My dog has daily access to nutritious food and clean water and sleeps in a bed in my climate-controlled apartment.