Karen Pearce

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IMB workers in Stockholm to release multimedia Scripture project

STOCKHOLM (BP) – When Eric Haney stepped onto the train platform after a long night of music rehearsal, his eyes were drawn to the wall of posters advertising music groups and concerts.

100 pastors in former Soviet Union on waitlist for theology books

When Erasyl* started university in his hometown in the former Soviet Union, he knew very little about Jesus. Being from a Muslim home, he was most familiar with the Quran, but he also knew the Bible was a holy book. What he did not know was the Gospel.

125 se entregan a Cristo durante un retiro en Europa

EUROPA ORIENTAL (BP) - Más de 125 personas pusieron su fe en Cristo durante un retiro de tres días en las montañas de la región europea del Cáucaso. Los socios nacionales de la iglesia organizaron el fin de semana, con la ayuda de algunos fondos de los bautistas del sur a través de SEND Relief (ENVIAR Alivio).

125 come to Christ during retreat in Europe

EASTERN EUROPE (BP) – More than 125 people put their trust in Christ during a three-day mountain retreat in the Caucuses region of Europe. National church partners organized the weekend, with the help of some funding from Southern Baptists through SEND Relief.

ANÁLISIS: Los sembradores de iglesias en Venezuela ven la oportunidad en medio de la crisis

BOGOTÁ, Colombia (BP) -- Mientras deambulaba por un mercado de artesanías en Bogotá, Colombia, comencé a conversar con un vendedor que me preguntó por qué estaba visitando su país. Acababa de regresar de una visita de cuatro días a Cúcuta, una comunidad en la frontera de Colombia con Venezuela donde fui testigo del triste peregrinaje de miles de personas que abandonaban Venezuela debido a la desesperación y el hambre. Cuando le dije lo anterior, su cara se convirtió en una máscara de aflicción. "Es horrible lo que está pasando," dijo, "Son nuestros hermanos."

ANALYSIS: Venezuela planters see opportunity amid crisis

BOGOTA, Colombia (BP) -- As I meandered through a craft market in Bogota, Colombia, I struck up a conversation with a vendor who asked why I was visiting his country. I had just returned from four days in Cúcuta, the Colombian-Venezuelan border town where I witnessed the sad pilgrimage of thousands of people leaving Venezuela out of desperation and hunger. When I shared that with him, his face contorted into a mask of grief. "It is so horrible what is happening," he said, "They are our brothers."

At Origins, millennials take stock of their lives

GREENVILLE, S.C. (BP) -- An old cigar warehouse that has stood sentry over Greenville's Main Street for 150 years is now part of the emerging millennial mecca in this town of 70,000. The warehouse's rustic and historic atmosphere, paired with the newly polished wood floors and recessed lighting, make it the perfect place for the newest church plant in "the 29601" -- Greenville's downtown -- relaying the old, old story of the Gospel in a language understood by modern young professionals flocking to this South Carolina city.

Unchurched adults reached through VBS

RIVERTON, Wyo. (BP) -- Eighty-three kids coming to Vacation Bible School at United Baptist Church this year was not the highlight -- the pastor noted the real victory was the 42 adults that came on family night, 28 of whom had never been to a church before. "Our VBS doesn't focus on children or youth, but on family ministry," Dean Whitaker, pastor of United Baptist in Riverton, ...

Turning to Christ, teen heals from anger & abuse

LONGVIEW, Texas (BP) -- Seventeen-year-old Justin Spencer was with a team of Texas Baptists when an unexpected thing happened. Standing on the front porch of a house in Chalmettte, La., listening as his teammate Hailey gave a Gospel presentation, his heart quickened. When Hailey asked the resident if he wanted to pray to receive Christ, he said no. But Justin said yes.

Summer-Long VBS Results in Fifty Baptisms in Hawaii

At Lihue Baptist Church, Vacation Bible School is not just a crazy, hectic week marking the busiest days of summer, but the touchstone of their evangelism efforts on the island of Kauai.