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Lifeway welcomes Scott Arvay as new chief revenue officer

BRENTWOOD, Tenn. — Lifeway Christian Resources announced the appointment of Scott Arvay as its new chief revenue officer. “Scott brings significant expertise in sales, marketing and customer relations that will be invaluable to Lifeway as we continue to lean into our growth strategy,” said Lifeway President and CEO Ben Mandrell. “His proven strategic leadership experience […]

BIBLE STUDY: Called to carry God’s kingdom

To put it succinctly, the kingdom of God is, as it has been said, “already and not yet.” With these two complementary truths, Christians are called to the sweet stewardship of carrying Jesus’ kingdom to whatever places God has called and sent us. We fulfill our calling with the confidence of the kingdom’s presence and the anticipation of the kingdom’s arrival.

BIBLE STUDY: Embracing godly wisdom

The child of God is able to evaluate everything through this enhanced spiritual discernment, but must still have the courage to reject concerns about the disfavor of others. These attributes are a part of what it means to develop a biblical worldview.

Bible Study: Mentoring for generational impact

A significant pattern for mentoring and discipleship is seen in 2 Timothy 2:1-2 sets up. Jesus called 12 men whom He mentored and discipled in spiritual growth. From these first apostles, Barnabas learned the ways of Christianity and grew in the Lord. He in turn came alongside Saul of Tarsus to bring him into the fellowship and encourage his growth as a believer.

BIBLE STUDY: Awaiting Jesus’ return

NASHVILLE (BP) -- This weekly Bible study appears in Baptist Press in partnership with Lifeway Christian Resources of the Southern Baptist Convention. Through its Leadership and Adult Publishing team, Lifeway publishes Sunday School curricula and additional resources for all age groups.

BIBLE STUDY: What’s your disciple-making plan?

The premise is simple: Disciples make disciples (who in turn make disciples who make disciples). To follow Jesus is to teach others to follow Him. But such disciple-making does not occur randomly or by osmosis. Jesus intentionally engaged His disciples, and if we are to make disciples, we must be intentional as well.

BIBLE STUDY: Spend time in God’s Word

Practically speaking, we become approved workers by carefully and accurately handling God’s Word. This approval has to do with testing. We grow in this testing as we study God’s Word diligently. Studying God’s Word means you learn historical contexts, key theological themes and basic word studies. So, what will it take to do this well?

BIBLE STUDY: Unfaithful people, faithful God

God directed Hosea to marry a woman with a poor reputation and to have children. Hosea married Gomer, a woman known for promiscuity, who gave birth to a son whom they named Jezreel, a name that pointed to the demise of Israel for their continued unfaithfulness to God.

Bible Study: Our plans, God’s sovereignty

Planning is important, but planning is also fallible. Even the wisest executives cannot know what the future holds. Only God knows the future, and only God is infallible.

BIBLE STUDY: Present, sovereign God

When we look at our lives, we must be thankful and acknowledge how God’s grace is present through every moment. God’s grace pervades in our birth story, in protecting us in our teenage years, in the disciplining of our sins, in His felt presence in our trials and suffering.