Marshal Ausberry

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Why I Am Southern Baptist

The question we get is, “As a Black man or Black woman, why are you Southern Baptist?” Let me give you a couple of reasons why this remains a question in the community of color, and then I will share my reasons for being in the Southern Baptist Convention.

FIRST-PERSON: The ‘least bad candidate’

"The reality is there is no perfect candidate," says Marshal Ausberry, who urges Christians to vote, even if it's for "the least bad candidate."

FIRST-PERSON: Image-bearers of God

'My Christian worldview dictates that all human life is sacred,' Marshal Ausberry says. 'That is why I am disturbed, brokenhearted and deeply grieved when I see and read that another black man's sacred life has been unjustly snuffed out.'

FIRST-PERSON: Clergy & depression

Members of the clergy are not exempt from depression, Marshal Ausberry writes, calling on churches "to create environments where those who live with depression and other hurts of the soul are not ostracized."

MARSHAL AUSBERRY: Baptismal pool not a museum piece

Churches' baptismal pools, Marshal Ausberry writes, are not "a relic of an ancient past, but they belong to the living church of Jesus Christ." In the church we never want there to be a Baptism Museum.

FIRST-PERSON: Blackface mars ‘the soul & the mind’

The message communicated by a person in blackface, Marshal Ausberry writes, "ranges from cultural ignorance to overt racism." Christians are called to forgiveness, he notes, "but I hope we learn from our mistakes and the mistakes of others."