Michael Duduit

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CHRISTMAS: It changes everything

"Christmas changes everything," Christian studies dean Michael Duduit writes. It changes "the way we see the world … the way we see God … the way we see ourselves."

The Challenge For Christian Higher Education

According to a British news report, the Royal Navy has discovered an innovative cost-cutting measure. In teaching recruits to fire guns at the HMS Cambridge training facility near Plymouth, live rounds are no longer used. Instead, sailors-in-training are given phony shells; they are to then load the fake shell, aim the gun, and exclaim, "Bang!" […]

Thatcher, at Union Univ., urges Western nations to stand firm

JACKSON, Tenn. (BP)–In an address at Union University, former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher challenged Western nations to stay firm in their support of democratic values in the face of challenges posed by dictators and economic difficulties around the globe. Thatcher’s address to more than 1,700 people was part of the annual scholarship banquet at […]

Christian colleges stand in gap against rush to deconstruct truth

JACKSON, Tenn. (BP)–When Harvard University was founded in 1636, it was established with a purpose: to provide an education built on a foundation of faith in Jesus Christ. As the College Laws of 1642 observe, “Let every student … consider well the main end of his life and studies is to know God and Jesus […]

Biochemist says new discoveries challenge evolutionary paradigm

JACKSON, Tenn. (BP)–Scientific discoveries of the late 20th century increasingly point to the reality of an “intelligent design” in the universe and challenge the scientific paradigm surrounding Darwinian evolution, asserted biochemist Michael J. Behe. Behe, professor of biology at Lehigh University in Bethlehem, Pa., spoke to students and faculty at Union University, Jackson, Tenn., during […]

Three Keys to Preaching that Makes a Difference

Brother Bob delivered a masterpiece of homiletical eloquence. His studies had uncovered untold gems of biblical exegesis, myriad details of textual background, stirring quotations from Spurgeon and Shakespeare, and a gripping story to conclude the sermonic performance. Bob was still wondering what size his "Preacher of the Year" plaque might be when it all came […]