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What is Ramadan? Why should Christians care?

Imagine not taking in food or drink during daylight hours for 28 days straight. Envision what it would be like for that practice to be directly linked to your standing in society or your stature with God.

Violence in the city of peace

NEW ORLEANS (BP) -- Arab-on-Jewish violence has re-erupted in and around Jerusalem in recent weeks. Is this something new? No; but then again, yes. There is something different in these acts. Many of the attacks are inspired by viral social media images rather than calls from religious or political groups. The weapon of choice for these daytime acts has generally been a knife rather than a gun.

ANAYSIS: Egypt, Coptic Christians & turmoil

NEW ORLEANS (BP) -- The news from the banks of the Nile River has left many without hope of ever understanding from the outside what has happened over the past several months in Egypt, especially in recent weeks. We live in a small world deeply affected by other places which operate within different cultures. This is true of Egypt. What is important there differs from here. Let's look at various aspects of this reality.

THE MIDEAST: What are uprisings all about?

EDITOR’S NOTE: This is the last of a three-part exploration of events in the Middle East by Mike Edens, professor of theology and Islamic studies at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary and an emeritus missionary who served 25 years in the Middle East with Southern Baptists’ International Mission Board. NEW ORLEANS (BP)–“What are the uprisings […]

THE MIDEAST: Christian minorities & the risks they face under Islamic rule

NEW ORLEANS (BP)--"Are the Christian minorities at greater risk as a result of the uprisings in the Middle East?"

THE MIDEAST: Are radical governments on the horizon?

NEW ORLEANS (BP)--"Should I be afraid that radical Islamic governments may result from the uprisings in various countries of the Middle East?"